How students are saving money on course materials |

How students are saving money on course materials

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(StatePoint) College course materials can be cheaper than most college students think. Book and supplies only account for four percent of the cost of attending college among the top 10 most populous colleges and universities (using population rankings from “Forbes”). Books themselves are just a fraction of that four percent. However, during a time when many institutions are raising tuition and other fees, students are finding new ways to cut spending on these materials.

Student spending on course materials this past year was an estimated 20 percent less than the 2007 to 2008 school year, according to statistics from Student Watch, developed by the National Association of College Stores. This decline can be attributed to innovative offerings from educational publishing companies, such as adaptive learning platforms, eBooks, eChapters, looseleaf editions, black-and-white editions and print-it-yourself editions.

New platforms are not only helping reduce textbook prices, they are increasing student success, say experts. Digital learning presents content in more engaging and interactive ways than traditional counterparts. For more information, visit the Association of American Publishers Back to Campus website at

Resourceful students seeking ways to reduce the price tag associated with their degrees should think beyond scholarships and grants and take advantage of less costly course material options.

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