How to prevent back pain |

How to prevent back pain

Dr. David Vukelich, D.C., S.Pc.
David Vukelich

Walking. Sitting. Standing. Lifting. We take these simple movements for granted until back pain makes it nearly impossible to function.

In today’s society, back pain is the second most common cause for an appointment with a doctor as well as the second most common reason for missing work.

You already know that chiropractors effectively treat back pain, but what should one do to stay out of pain and actually improve?

Regular adjustments help tremendously with back pain management, but patients often need more. Massage and corrective exercise are necessary compliments to chiropractic care. Muscles are either too tight or too weak, causing dysfunctional movements of a joint or joints. This alone can lead to back pain or begin the process of a more complicated condition such as degeneration or arthritis.

Have you ever lifted something very light and hurt your back? Many people hurt their back without knowing the cause. They simply turned a certain way and their back “locked up.”

This is often from years of repetitive stress and a lack of exercise and massage, resulting in muscular and structural dysfunction.

When patients are stretching, strengthening and getting regular massages, in conjunction with chiropractic care, they will typically incur less pain overall. In addition, these things can also prevent future complications from occurring such as degenerative joint disease and arthritic changes.

Dr. V is located at 180° Wellness in Glenwood Springs. Contact him at 945-4440.

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