Legal discrimination against the obese |

Legal discrimination against the obese

Steve Wells

A good friend of mine pointed out that the last group of people that can be legally discriminated against are the obese. I only wish that I came up with this genius analysis on my own.

I’m encouraged since this is the first time we are discriminating against the majority.

Not only are the media and insurance companies discriminating against the obese, they’re rigging the game. When I say media, I mean the phenomenon of big-business-government-propaganda-machine that keeps us around enough to suck every dollar out of our pockets.

In our politically correct, media-controlled culture, obesity is not an option, unless you’re really courageous. Even though every possible factor is being spun to make us fatter, actually being fat is a nightmare in our little socioeconomic biodome.

According to American Culture, it’s your fault for being obese. So what if you’re happy and healthy and not addicted to drugs and you’re a good person. Big media says, “Don’t even bother trying anything unless you have the perfect figure, because if you can’t control your overeating habits by other means — like bulimia or exercise addiction — how can you control anything?”

This is sick.

Does anyone realize how many teens develop eating and behavioral disorder over this?

While you are trying hard to stay healthy, pursue happiness and be a good person, our culture is going to shove a triple cheeseburger commercial in your face right at the perfect time, with flawless marketing execution, every 30 seconds so there is no way you can resist the urge. Then the marketing machine will follow it up with an “Epic Slim”* commercial just to make you completely freak out and fix the problem with your credit card.

Women are targeted more than men. Just look at any women’s magazine and you’ll see a recipe for brownies right after the hot, new workout that all the celebrities are doing at the moment.

Just about all food and all media is government controlled. It is processed, taxed, irradiated, packaged, sprayed with pesticides, loaded with chemicals and hidden ingredients and bought and sold only to benefit “the man.” The only logical conclusion, since obesity is a man-made epidemic administered by our food and drug cartel, is that through many means, every effort is being made to make us obese.

I find it amazing that anyone is healthy!

Over the years, I have trained many people who wanted to get “ripped.” I became very proficient at administering the optimal amount of diet, supplements, cardio and “lifestyle advice” to my clients to get them as lean as the drug-addict “models” they were comparing themselves to in magazines and on TV. I tried to get them to just Photoshop these aesthetic attributes like everyone else does but some people never learn. Many of them could hang with the 12-20 hours a week of workouts, amphetamines, spray tan and diet soda. Others realized just how ridiculous this is.

My advice to the obese is to stop enabling yourself to be the victim of media torture. The incessant media entertainment distractions are literally killing us.

And you skinny people have problems, too, you just get to hide them until we get to know you better.

I had a great conversation with an actual live person about this topic. His argument was, “Whatever, Steve, you’re in the gym business. It’s all about image and being buff. You just take people’s money and hope they don’t come back.” Yes, I am in the gym business — lack of health is one of our biggest national problems that may actually be fixable through simple exercise. We all know that you can’t fix stupid, or crazy for that matter, so I focus on practical ways to get healthy.

I laughed out loud when I was accused of taking people’s money and hoping that they don’t come back. American media-culture-programming is everywhere! I can’t tell you how many “20/20”- and “60 Minutes”-type programs there are bashing health clubs and following it up with some superb overeating, overdrinking, overindulging commercials. I should be put in prison for trying to get people to exercise! Thanks, media, for entertaining people to sell advertising at my expense.

Yes, I do realize that just by writing this, I am part of the media.

I’m just shouting that we shouldn’t continue to demotivate those who need the most motivation. Especially when the entire machine is in motion to make us fatter and sicker, and thus, lifelong customers. I think we should treat obesity with at least as much respect as any other substance problem.

On the lighter side, wouldn’t it be funny if you had to bench press 300 pounds or eat kale before you could start your car because you’re on an obesity rehab program? Nobody is dumping buckets of ice water over their heads for obesity awareness — because that would really make a difference. Maybe we could design a sticker that everybody could put on their car for obesity awareness?

*Epic Slim is not a real product, yet. If you are interested in investing in this nonoriginal but absolutely guaranteed-to-work scam that takes advantage of people who are just trying to improve themselves, contact Steve Wells at Midland Fitness 945-4440.

Steve Wells is a personal trainer and co-owner of Midland Fitness. His column appears on Tuesdays.

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