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Letter: A slew of flight issues traveling from Grand Junction

Thank you for the editorial [Ken Johnson’s January column, “Second-class treatment at regional airports”] describing the recent problems traveling on United Airlines. We had a similar experience in early January on an international trip. Our early morning United flight to Denver was canceled via an email message the day prior.

We were able to get on the 9 a.m. flight to Denver, which was an hour late despite of there being no bad weather issues. That caused us to miss our connecting flight to Houston where we planned to meet friends to travel abroad. DIA was chaotic with long lines and people running to catch flights. Only two customer-service kiosks were open at DIA with Disneyland type lines at each. We got in line and simultaneously dialed United Customer Service. After an hour on the phone we were rerouted to Miami to transfer to Avianca Airlines, then to our final destination 10 hours behind our friends. Our United connection to Miami was delayed twice, keeping us at DIA additional time. We barely made the Avianca flight.

Our luggage did not make the trip so I spent an additional day waiting while my husband and friends went ahead. United gave my husband’s suitcase a side-trip to Midland, Texas, for no logical reason. I paid for a private shuttle to our final destination the next day.

That was the last time we will travel United Airlines. Our time and peace of mind are worth a few dollars more on a different airline. The whole nightmare trip would not have happened if United Airlines hadn’t canceled our original flight.

Kelly Johnson

Grand Junction, Colo.

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