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LETTER: Defending the right to ‘hoard’

So, citizen Joe Skinner (Free Press columnist) is inconvenienced when he encounters a shortage of ammunition at a local sporting goods store (he’s a little late to the dance on this topic). He concludes that “everyone is stashing ammo.” And everyone that is snatching up all the ammo is an “end-of-world quack” that is “hoarding to survive in a devastated world.” And the “good sense” suggestion he offers to “combat fear” in this black and white scenario he has painted is, “There ought to be a law?!”

I wonder what items HE and SHE Skinner might be amassing…

Perhaps a stack of toilet tissue that was specially priced, enticing the Mrs. to stock up — even though you can only use a few squares at time.

Perhaps an assortment of soda cases stashed in a corner of the pantry in case friends drop by unexpectedly.

Perhaps a cache of unregistered Craftsmen tools stockpiled in the garage that may have been purchased in quantities of up to 10 at one time. A man only has two hands, “so why the overkill?”

Perhaps a prized collection of Hummel figurines that took a lifetime to acquire…or coins…or autographed baseball cards…or (fill in the blank with your favorite “dangerous psychological crutch”).

How many guns does a person need? As many as he wants. How much ammo is enough? The consumer gets to decide. Is there a run on firearms and related items? Hallelujah! At least one private industry is thriving in this stagnant economy, in spite of those who are trying to regulate it out of existence.

I SAID: When checks are placed on our God-given freedoms by self-appointed monitors of “sanity,” we are all in danger of losing the right to self-determination, i.e., life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Today, it is the lawful gun owner. Tomorrow, the collector of Hummel figurines…?

Carla Johnson

Mesa County

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