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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

A radical Islamic group affiliated with al-Qaida leader Ayman Zawahiri took “credit” for the brutal massacre of hundreds of schoolchildren in Russia. The jihadists also murdered the innocent people aboard the two Russian aircraft.

But the media will go to great lengths to deny that Western civilization is under attack by Islamofascists who are intentionally targeting children.

Instead, they call these murderers “hostage-takers.” Our forces found scores of training manuals, meticulous notes and video tapes in Afghanistan of terror training, which included storming and taking over schools.

One would have to be incredibly naive or stupid to assume this could not happen here. If the media does not take the moral responsibility to truthfully inform us of who is behind these heinous acts, then you, America, had better seek out the truth, be prepared, and know your enemy.

Don’t worry about offending these radical Islamic groups. You can be sure that they are not worried about killing you or your children.

Sunny Stapelman

New Castle

Dear Editor,

The fear-mongering paraded at the recent Republican convention is reason enough for me to cast my vote for John Kerry.

The hatred preached by Ron Silver: “We will not forget, WE ” WILL ” NOT ” FORGIVE!” gives me pause: Is this a message that is supposed to fill me with confidence in Bush’s leadership or with apprehension for the future? Bush’s constant worship at the altar of 9-11 has turned this real tragedy into an icon that he is using to justify continuing his war against Saddam Hussein and against “terrorism,” a war that Bush has allowed to get out of control.

Bush claims that he alone is capable of leading the fight against terrorism. His leadership has cost the lives of nearly 1,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq. This says nothing of the many thousands of Iraqis killed or the sudden proliferation of terrorist groups in Iraq bent on kidnapping and murder of innocents. Is Iraq safer or better off now for our intervention? Is America? Americans are more hated now than at any time in our history.

Bus has failed in his quest to stop terrorism. Al-Qaida and bin Laden are still at large and very much a real threat, while Bush ignores the real in favor of pursuing an imagined threat in Iraq. Iraq has unnecessarily cost us lives and the respect of the rest of the world.

Is this Bush’s benchmark of success? Is this what America wants for the next four years?

Marc Heuer

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I am disturbed by the new candidate for Garfield County commissioner, Greg Jeung.

As an employee of a grocery store, he is an extraordinarily delightful and effective salesman. But as a candidate for county commissioner, he is incredibly naive.

With John Martin, an experienced and effective commissioner, there is certainly no justification to even consider replacing him.

Greg Jeung, our native groceryman, wants to block much of our natural gas resource development in Garfield County. It is his type of mentality that is blocking the development of large reserves of oil and gas in the continental United States, resources much needed by our growing nation.

But we have both Greg Jeung and Rifle Mayor Keith Lambert running for county commissioners this year. Both obviously lack the knowledge and experience to make important decisions where our natural resources are concerned.

I recommend that we keep these two men in their current jobs and leave our two seasoned commissioners where they can continue to do us the most good.

I can tell you, a winter without natural gas would be a grim winter indeed!

Let’s retain our new candidates in the jobs they presently hold.


R.T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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