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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Re: Where disciples learn discipline: Youth toughs out mission program by Ivy Vogel (Sept. 15):For example, one night, a cowboy whipped a bullwhip through the kids legs without touching them to show how important it is to have faith.Sometimes, like when a bullwhip whispers through your legs, its important to hand your fate over to faith …Yep as a professional bullwhip artist, I can see how having a bullwhip fly in your direction would make an instant believer out of almost anyone!Good story.Robert DanteGuinness World Record holder2003-04Minneapolis Bullwhip Academywww.bullwhip.net

Dear Editor,Thanks to R.T. Moolicks letter for pointing out the differences between the two Garfield County commissioners seeking re-election and their challengers, Greg Jeung and Keith Lambert.If you, like Mr. Moolick, want more of the same status quo, hands-off, anything-goes approach to letting the countys multibillion-dollar gas extraction industry ride roughshod over local property owners while sharing just a trickle of the proceeds with local communities, then John Martin and Larry McCown are your guys.If youre interested in seeing gas companies held accountable for their impacts on roads, traffic, emergency and social services and air and water quality, then please consider voting for candidates Jeung and Lambert. Both have vowed to seek a greater role for the county and local communities in how the drilling boom is conducted, and how the windfall profits and tax revenues are distributed. Both are advocates of long-range strategic planning and better communication between county government and its citizens.As for Mr. Moolicks suggestion that Martin and McCown are the only ones with experience, try telling that to Rifle, where Keith Lambert is mayor, a member of the city council and served for eight years on the fire protection district board. Try telling it to Glenwood Springs, where Greg Jeung served for eight years on the city council, as well as on the Roaring Fork Transit Authority and Colorado Mountain College community advisory boards.For experience, as well as a positive change, Garfield County needs to elect Greg Jeung and Keith Lambert.Russ ArensmanGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I am disturbed by Mr. Moolicks Sept. 16 letter regarding the candidacy of Greg Jeung for Garfield County commissioner. Mr. Moolick says Mr. Jeung is too inexperienced for the job. Mr. Moolick is clearly ignorant of Mr. Jeungs years of experience in community governance as a member of the Glenwood Spring City Council, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Colorado Mountain College (Roaring Fork Campus) Advisory Board, the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, and Valley Resource Management. Mr. Moolick is also ignorant of Mr. Jeungs position on natural gas development. Mr. Jeung wants gas development to proceed, but in a manner that is responsible, with gas-industry accountability for its impacts on our health, our land, and the long-term well-being of our community.Lurking behind Mr. Moolicks attack on Mr. Jeungs candidacy is an even more disturbing ignorance. Mr. Moolick suggests that a regular citizen a grocery man or teacher, for example is not qualified to hold office, that only those in power have enough know-how to handle the job. Mr. Moolick seems ignorant of the fundamental nature of our American democracy. It is government by the people regular citizens willing to serve. When I look at the records of commissioners Martin and McCown, I see men who have persistently resisted taking actions that protect citizen and community interests, preferring to serve the convenience and desires of the gas industry. Thats why Im voting for Greg Jeung and Keith Lambert.Pat HellandParachute

Dear Editor,Florida’s top elections officer, Glenda Hood, is taking a very active role in Floridas November elections.She ordered a file search (south Florida only) for people not entitled to vote. Thousands of blacks and six Latinos were removed from the lists. South Florida blacks are overwhelmingly Democrat, while south Florida Latinos are devoted Republicans.She is intruding into court procedures set up to determine if Ralph Nader qualifies for the November ballot. With the case under appeal (Nader lost) Ms. Hood is voicing deeply felt concern as to the legality of keeping Nader off the ballot while accelerating printing and sending overseas ballots the ballots including Nader are in the mail court ruling notwithstanding.Always thinking, she directed local officials to deny the vote to anyone without a photo ID. Further, she directed local polling stations to post signs on Election Day advising people of her requirement. State law does not require the photo any affidavit will suffice.Thought I might write a letter about something happening outside our all-inclusive little shire even if perhaps merely its another bothersome precursor of possible dark winds from Mordor.Michael WeinsteinGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Heres a new look at the RFTA controversy:I was recently considering the purchase of laundry soap. So I went to the laundry soap store only to discover that I was about $9.66 short for my purchase. Dejected, I left the store, mulled over the idea of giving up 18 percent of my kids for adoption, and was suddenly approached by a man from A&K Used Chewing Gum. He offered me $9 for the gum I was not using (it was old, expired, and rusted beyond usefulness). I told him that I would hire an expert consultant at the cost of 20 to 25 cents to study the viability of selling my used chewing gum.Back at home, my financial adviser advised me that if I were to panhandle for loose change, I could probably come up with another $8.61. Well, that sounded just swell! But the man from A&K used chewing gum upped his offer to $9.50! Whats a guy to do? I think Ill fire the expert consultant, ask the man from A&K Used Chewing Gum if hell go $9.66 and scrap the idea of panhandling. Its illegal in Glenwood anyway!Mark ElliottGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,It is time the Glenwood Post Independent and the rest of the media stopped calling terrorists militants. They are not militants, they are not rebels, they are not freedom fighters. They are vicious terrorists. Period.Anyone who would purposely slaughter children as they have recently, at the school in Chechnya, shooting them in the back when they try to flee fire is a terrorist. Anyone who takes a hostage and cuts off his head as they did with two different Americans and others in Iraq is a terrorists, not a militant.It is also time that the world media start condemning the terrorists and start identifying them. Almost all the worlds terrorists are Muslims. The terrorist attacks in the United States, Russia, Spain, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Afghanistan are all executed by radical Muslim terrorists. The civilized world needs to wake up and demand Islam and their Muslim clerics take the lead in stamping out this scourge. If they do not, Islam will no longer be considered an acceptable religion.Richard WoodrowGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,To the Bush-bashers:This is a letter to all who have bashed Bush since 9-11. How far would any of you go to protect your homeland? Bush took the fight out of our land to protect us and our children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and such. Now with all that has happened, how can you sit here and bash a man who did not know what was coming on 9-11-01? None of us want to see the killing that is happening. I have not seen in any paper or news report about any of the good that has happened. How about more than 80,000 people that have electricity and running water and hospitals that they can go to to get help, which before was only for the soldiers. So this is to all you who call our president a man who does not care. It is time for Americans to show their support for our president and not be the laughing matters of other countries.So this is to the ones who wrote in with the bash-Bush statements. Seriously think: Do you want a president who has a backbone or one who hides under his wifes skirttail with money?Vote Bush for our countrys president for the next four years.American in Silt.Marie DunlapSilt

Dear Editor,The words of Nazi Herman Goering:Naturally the common people dont want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.Ken McDonaldGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,We Coloradans have a great opportunity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels for generating energy. Amendment 37 (Renewable Energy Standard, or RES) requires that 10 percent of electricity generated in Colorado by 2015 be from renewable energy sources, e.g. wind and solar (currently only 2 percent of our electricity comes from renewables). If the measure is passed, Colorado will be joining 15 other states that have adopted an RES.It just makes sense! Amendment 37 will in effect reduce air pollution equivalent to that produced by 600,000 cars. Choosing renewable sources instead of fossil fuels for energy generation will save 2.3 billion gallons of water a year that would otherwise be consumed by power plants. Protecting our dwindling water supplies is an especially important consideration for those of us on the West Slope. By substituting renewables for a portion of our power generation we can significantly lower pollution from Colorados power plants and help to reduce global warming.And what will this cost ratepayers? In spite of what the electric companies are saying, an independent study indicates that the average utility bill will decrease by 1 cent per month. Vote YES on 37 to protect Colorados energy future.Bob MilletteGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Pete Coors tax proposals are absolutely outrageous.Naturally, Coors would eliminate all taxes on dividends: While working people sweat to support the government, Coors could guzzle his beer profits tax-free. He calls the estate tax a death tax, which is the most outrageous falsehood perpetrated by Republicans. It leads people who know no better who live in a mobile home, drive a 1981 Ford pickup and have $721 in a savings account to believe that when they die the government will take it all. The fact is that with minimal planning a couple can exempt $3 million from estate taxes.Now we know Coors motivation for public office: personal greed. He even admits it: I dont think theres anything wrong with being self-serving.D. Ferrel AtkinsEstes Park

Dear Editor,Dan would always rather blame CBS. Dan would always rather shirk than accept responsibility. Dan would always rather slant the news than report objectively. Dan would always rather stonewall than come clean when the facts are known. Dan would always rather jump at a story to smear Bush than check for authenticity. Dan would always rather exercise his clout than exhibit any form of humility.In his deepest moment of shame actually it really wasnt shame, it was embarrassment but only because he got caught! He didnt apologize when the forgery was exposed – he waited until he had to. I really cherish his final comment, This was an error in good faith. Now there is really some positive spin. Good faith? Hardly! Dan, as always, would rather find an excuse than accept any blame. This was NOT an error in good faith it was a carefully timed, vindictive, malicious attempt to bash Bush, and above all it was an error of poor judgment and lack of responsibility on Mr. Rathers part.All of this is why I would rather hear the news from anyone rather than Rather!Rather sincerely, Richard DoranParachute

Dear Editor,Attention conspiracy theorists, here is the latest! The Bush administration is responsible for hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan.Everyone in Presidents Bushs staff knew of the storms months ahead of time and did nothing to prevent them from happening.They obtained their information in a memo from hurricane forecaster William Gray, professor of atmospheric sciences at Colorado State University. However, this information was not shared with the National Weather Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Both of these agencies deny any prior knowledge of the storms but would have not shared it anyway because they are not on speaking terms because of the outcome of last years softball game. Wait, theres more! Much like Flight 175 did not crash into the World Trade Center and Flight 77 didnt crash into the Pentagon, Hurricane Ivan really didnt strike our countrys Gulf Coast and instead was diverted out over a remote region of the Atlantic Ocean and blown up. What we saw on television was coming from a Hollywood sound stage with special effects provided by George Lucass Industrial Light and Magic. Lucas denies having anything to do with the faux storms.Additionally, Dan Rather has obtained authentic documents that prove Vice President Dick Cheney received preferential treatment in second grade because he was a teachers pet and never finished his high school science project but received an A on it anyway.All of this is revealed in Michael Moores latest documentary Barometric Pressure 29.11. When will it all end?Sincerely,Chris MechamGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Our most important question currently is this: Who is John Kerry? For conflicting reports and statements have us all in limbo, i.e. the dark! However, the American Conservative Union, of whom Ive heard little heretofore, has apparently, diligently, exhaustively researched history and has not limited that to Vietnams pathos and extreme passions but instead gives a complete overview covering senatorial performance and presidential campaigning.All this is contained in a 63-page, 4-inch-by-63-1/4-inch book that the U.S. Postal Service recently delivered to my mailbox. I appreciated the clarity of the authors writing coupled with restraint.This letter is submitted for the benefit of those readers who seek accurate information and enlightenment!Text copies can be obtained by contacting the American Conservative Union at 1007 Cameron St., Alexandria, VA 22314 or (703) 836-8606 fax (703) 836-8606 or online at http://www.conservative.org.John J. WilsonNew Castle

Dear Editor,I need to understand what motivates the terrorists.Following the news I see most terrorists are from occupied countries where horrific atrocities are recurrently committed by an invading army. Others appear to be agent provocateurs, often funded by the CIA or KGB et al.Id conclude that terrorists suffer from traumatic stress disorder and its symptom of suicidal tendencies. I imagine they are traumatized, aggrieved, powerless and hopeless.The majority has no armies or organized states to afford judicial reparations for their grief. Emotionally isolated, most work alone within walking or busing distance. Id say they are driven by a desperate need for social justice. They always die, along with 10 of their countrymen for each person they kill.The terrorism committed in Russia by the CIAs Osama bin Laden ended immediately when Russia pulled its soldiers out of Afghanistan. Israel, the worlds most secured country, demonstrates that it is impossible to screen out terrorist acts.Only justice for their valid grievances and ending the violence against them seems to work for sure. They dont hate U.S. for our freedom, only for taking theirs.But this administration uses the concept of terrorist as a tool, to strike fear. If one is curious what direction this fear is leading the U.S., we need only observe what Alexander Putin is doing to the Russian constitution, in the name of terrorism. Terrorism has quadrupled under Cheney and Bush; it will plummet, along with the deficit, when they leave.John HoffmannCarbondale

Dear Editor,We are citizens of Grand County and are no longer represented by your state senator, Jack Taylor. Jacks opponent states that he will protect West Slope water, when in fact he voted to take the headwaters of the Colorado River (Grand County) out of the protection of the West Slope State Senate District 8 and put Grand County into the East Slope State Senate District.Shame on you, Jay Fetcher! You were on the state of Colorados Reapportionment Committee and yours was the swing vote which allowed this to happen! You say that someone needed to be sacrificed, so you sacrificed Grand County. Is this the way you will protect the other counties you would represent?For integrity and common sense please elect and keep you great state senator, Jack Taylor.We miss Jack!Dennis and Jeanne DucommunFraser

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