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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,My son attends Glenwood Springs Elementary School and must be learning about the voting process. He talks about going to the polls and asks me how I am going to vote. Are you going to vote yes or not on the one about the schools? I told him that I will vote yes. Why? I explained that any money that is put into education benefits our entire community. Why would someone vote no? I think that is a really good question that does not have a really good answer to accompany it.When people show interest in moving to any community, the first question they want answered usually has something to do with the schools. A quality community starts with quality schools and education. Outdated, highly inadequate buildings are hard-pressed to represent a quality school, education or community.Voting yes to 3A and 3B says more than we want new schools. It says that we have the power to make change and give. It also says that we support our community, education, children, each other and our future.Why would someone vote no? A good answer just doesnt exist.Amy ShubitzCMS teacherGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,The school districts are back with their hands out for more money. Lets review a few things:1. First, an override is permanent, forever.2. You are going to pay whether you own a house or not. Businesses that get taxed pass it on to the consumer you.3. Have you ever seen proof that more money increased student achievement? It hasnt so far.4. Have they justified how they spend your money and teach your kids?5. Do you wonder why home schooling is growing at such an incredible rate?6. Do you know any professional athletes that all the money spent on sports has produced?7. Has anyone dared to show you how our schools compare statewide in all areas such as staff, administration, support services, non-classroom space, etc., etc.?8. Do you feel that you, as a taxpayer, are welcome in the schools you paid for?9. Do you get the impression that they feel you are incompetent as parents?10. Are you convinced that this time they are telling the truth?11. Are you aware of the substantial revenue produced by all the new construction and how it is being spent?Vote no on the increases.Ross L. TalbottNew Castle

Dear Editor,This information is for all personnel, both active duty and retired eligible to use an Armed Forces recreation facility.The Armed Forces Recreation Centers newest hotel accommodation is the Edel Weiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch-Partenk, Germany. It replaced the old hotels in Berchtesgaden, Chiemsee, and Garmisch, opening on Sept. 15. After a 45-day shakedown period, the official grand opening is scheduled for Oct. 30. There are 330 comfortable guest rooms, a conference center, different restaurants, a casual bistro bar, wellness club (indoor pool, fitness center, juice bar, wet and dry sauna, and locker room), tour office and souvenir shop, video arcade, slots, guest laundry, vending machines, and indoor parking.If youre planning a European vacation, or plan to meet someone on R&R from the Middle East, consider Edel Weiss Lodge and Resort. What better way to visit with a loved one, attend Oktoberfest and see other beautiful Bavarian sights? Leave the driving to the wonderful tour guides of the lodge and resort.Reservations can be booked a year in advance by calling 011-49-8821-72981 (DSN), 340-440-2575, fax 011-49-8821-3942, or write to AFRC Europe Vacation Planning Center Unit 24501, APO-AE 09053.The earlier reservations are made, the better the chances to get in. On Sept.17, there were over 1,000 guests and over 400 employees at the lodge. Of the 330 rooms, only three rooms were inoperable.Take advantage of your newest available benefits.Sincerely,Rick ItaoGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,This is the image of John Kerry that his political image-makers are trying to hide.How captured Americans were tortured in North Vietnamese prisons for not endorsing John Kerrys false testimony before the United States Senate about alleged American war crimes, as told in the book Unfit For Command.There is a photo of John Kerry and Vietnams former General Secretary of the Communist, Do Muoi. The photo is part of an exhibit honoring heroes who had helped the Vietnamese Communist win the war against the United States. The photo is displayed in the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. The photo has been viewed by American tourists.John Kerry has suppressed his book, The New Soldier, prohibiting its reprinting. The book repeats John Kerrys insults to the American military, beginning with its front-cover image of the American flag being carried upside down by a band of bearded renegades in uniform a clear slap at the brave Marines in their combat gear who raised our flag at Iwo Jima.Find out who John Kerry is from the military men who served with him, and the POWs who suffered because of him.Winifred RichardsonGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I wonder what religion Douglas L. Bernes belongs to? His reference recently to the Iraqis as godless heathens was cold, heartless and devoid of compassion. What God would inspire that thought?Its easy to think of killing people if you consider them godless and you equate godless with worthless, devoid of rights, etc.I am sure there are those that think of us as godless heathens, especially after the horrible things our soldiers were ordered to do in Iraq.My name is not behind those acts of violence and never will be. But if there is a retaliation, I will pay for it and so will everybody else just like the innocent in Iraq have.Wake up, Mr. Bernes. The way to solve our problems is not through war. War is an act of terrorism and breeds more terror.Jessa Young Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Is our war in Iraq right or wrong? History should have a way of teaching us the dangers of a repeated error in judgment. It has been said that we did not find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and therefore we are in the wrong war for the wrong reasons. Let us consider some historical facts of the past.When Hitler marched into Poland in the late 30s, the world stood by and did nothing. Many Polish people were murdered as Hitler dominated their land. Hitlers agenda was to annihilate the Jewish people, the Christian world and create a super atheistic race of people. In fact, Hitler murdered infants who had large ears and old people which did not fit his criteria of a super race. His gas chambers and fire furnaces eradicated millions of Jews in order to further his grand plan of world control.When the free world finally woke up and began to defend ourselves, Hitler became a very powerful adversary, and many of our military personnel died as a result so we could continue to enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted. If the free world had dealt with Hitler early on instead of what history now records, we would not had lost the lives we did in World War II.Ken ElseSilt

Dear Editor,I hear about gun control as the solution of almost all murders. It would be like probation was to alcohol more guns than ever. These people are back at the result but not the problem and it cannot be solved politically.The problem is people kill, not guns. Guns are easily made with a lathe and welder like the British stem gun, the American grease gun, and submachine gun.The cause of these problems is frustration, anger, hatred, and unforgiveness. How can politics solve this when the majority of people in the nation have it because they rebel against God?You cant legislate stress away.These problems are not political. They are lack of faith in our lord Jesus. If these problems are to be solved, then we the American people must invite God back into our lives and our country life.Jesus is the answer to hope in the future, peace of mind, and continuous joy in spite of the circumstance.You would not send your children to school if there were no teachers for them to learn from. Then why do you think you can find peace of mind and joy without attending church and learning Gods promises?Good politics are the well-read Bible on the table, regular church attendance and the rifle on the wall.Its your choice who you shall serve man or God.God bless,Jack GilbertsonSilt

Dear Editor,With all the turmoil over in Iraq, I would think if Bush and the Republican congress would get on the ball and put Saddam on trial and do something with him give him the death penalty maybe and those who are rioting over in Iraq would realize they are fighting for a lost cause. For as long as he is alive, they will continue to cause trouble. The streets are always full of men and boys. Dont they ever take time to eat or sleep?We have a Republican government that has accomplished very little, initiated a war we did not need and caused more than 1,000 to die. For what? Thousands are also maimed for life I would think someone would wake up and smell the coffee.Maybe if Bush stayed in the Oval Office instead of making 39 trips to Pennsylvania and that many, or more, to Florida he would realize there is more to running the government than collecting millions of donations for his campaign to be elected to his first presidency. But if Cheney or Rove didnt tell him, he would not know that the world is round. I was looking forward to the debates as Cheney would find out that a trial lawyer is as smart as he is. What a shock! To the party that sent me a postcard, you should learn penmanship so I could read it.Thanks,Mildred BaumliCarbondale

Dear Editor,I have just finished revisiting President Bushs inauguration speech and his State of the Union addresses. After four years with a partisan House and Senate, I have come to the following conclusion: I personally cannot afford four more years of this administration.What prompted this investigation was my latest health insurance premium. While my wife and I have no children, and have filed no claims, our insurance has risen from $1,100 per quarter to over $2,300 per quarter. Thats over 100 percent for the math-impaired. Our income has not kept pace. Medicare premiums have risen, yet the government cannot negotiate drug prices. Gas and heating prices are up, with no investment as promised for alternative energy.Many of our friends are teachers, as well as my sister and three sisters-in-law. They claim that No Child Left Behind is a failed program that has actually hindered their ability to really teach.No one I have spoken to actually feels safer and more secure. Most feel an uneasiness they cannot explain. Our reputation around the world is at its lowest point in history. While the tragic events of Sept. 11 afforded our president the opportunity to coalesce most of the world toward a common goal of fighting and defeating terrorism, he sadly squandered the opportunity.I ask all of you to really examine the last four years and determine if we truly can afford four more years of broken promises and hollow rhetoric.Craig S. ChisesiRifle

Dear Editor,Mr. Bush: I have been reviewing how our lives have changed since your inauguration, and invite, though dont expect, a response from you. Instead of staying the course in the hunt for Osama bin Laden, you went off on a tangent to avenge the attack on your father, resulting in over 1,000 American deaths and countless Iraqi deaths. Our national reputation has been severely damaged by your shoot-from-the-hip unilateral invasion of a poor country that was no threat to America (although Dick Cheney continues to spread that lie). Your handling of the Iraq occupation clearly shows that you had no plan of action when you invaded, and still dont. Our civil liberties have been seriously eroded by John Ashcroft and the so-called Patriot Act. The lives of our teachers and students have been made much more difficult by your No Child Left Behind act, which abrogates local control of public education. Your failure to act has resulted in the death of the Brady Act, so assault weapons are more readily available on the street. We seniors have been hit with a 12 percent Medicare increase, and your drug card program is a bad joke. Your forest legislation (the No Tree Left Behind act) has resulted in further erosion of environmental standards. Your fat cat corporate friends reap enormous and obscene profits, aided and abetted by you and your cronies in Congress.Thanks for nothing!Jan GirardotGlenwood Springs

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