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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The recent plane wreck at the multifamily residence next to the school was easily avoidable.

As a resident of Park East, I have lived with numerous scares from low-flying airplanes. I am a Glenwood Springs native and spent my first years residing at the airport. I choose to live at Park East as a commitment to the community I grew up in.

All residents choosing to live at Park East agreed to the terms of an aviation and hazard easement. While this easement acknowledges an unobstructed right of way for the passage of all aircraft over our homes, we expect the enforcement of low flights. The easement does not affect our entitlement to the safe operation and management of the airport.

The city is negligent in allowing the airport to operate within city limits without full-time management and control of the users. It is a reasonable expectation that planes landing and taking off to the north will fly over the runway and not over homes at very low levels. The city chooses not to control the operations of the pilots by management of the users.

The city insists on operating a public facility for the benefit of a few. Residents can expect the city to address their safety. To avoid a future disaster, I request that the city restrict the airspace over the adjacent homes, parks and schools. If this is not possible, please close the airport until the public safety is secured.


Kris Antonides McKinnon

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Jeanne Golay ” I stand corrected regarding the legality of bicyclists riding two abreast when there is no traffic following them. And I wholeheartedly support that legality. That was not the intended point of my earlier letter. I have nothing but respect for responsible cyclists, whether on the roadways or the pathways of this valley.

But I was describing an incident in which a group of riders were riding three to four abreast, not for a moment but for several minutes along almost a mile of roadway before we could safely pull completely into the oncoming lane and get around the pack. Then a short way up the road, a second couple rode side by side with no attempt to give up the entire traffic lane. Why, I would guess even the especially gifted drivers over there in Colorado Springs would have been annoyed!

Perhaps Ms. Golay would better serve her sport if she were to use her considerable (and well-earned) reputation to educate the irresponsible cyclists rather than defend their offensive behaviors. A healthy lifestyle choice pursued without regard for the rights of others is no asset. And for my part, I’ll remind myself that those who ride without regard to any other users, motorized or not, should not reflect poorly on the thousands of responsible cyclists.

Still smiling,

Jim Ellis

New Castle

Dear Editor,

Four more years of tattered yellow ribbons; hostages; Bushisms; Texas accents; mortar fire in Fallujah; intolerance for non-nuclear families, gays, minorities, non-evangelicals, non-Christians; body bags, underfunded federal education mandates; negative campaigns; environmental degradation; budget deficits; Halliburton; distrust throughout the world; creation of new terrorists; conservative “values”; assault weapons; God being on the president’s side; tax cuts for the rich; and faith-based initiatives.

Goodbye to clean air and water, a balanced budget, compromise, and a moderate Supreme Court.

Hello to natural gas drilling on the Bookcliffs.

Four more years of despair. But at least he can never run for president again.

Judy Crook


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