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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I hear how gun control would solve the problem of people shooting people. But since the American people love guns, it would be like Prohibition, more unsafe guns than ever.

A pistol does not load itself. It does not fire itself. It’s people who kill or wound people.

I heard about the evidence of despair, anger, stress and unforgiveness. That’s the root of our problem. You cut off a weed, it will grow again. That’s what gun control would do.

I believe in the well-read Bible on the table, and the hunting rifle or shotgun on the wall. I also attend church regularly. I grew up in the 1930s and 40s, the Depression years and war years, when life was tough and we as a nation were a praying people. Back then we had hope and peace of mind instead of the anger and hopelessness of today. People cared about people. But we were a praying people and there was no need to carry a weapon. There should be no need of it today.

The answer lies in the American people’s choice of whether or not to return to God as a necessity of living, putting God first, family second and country third. Only when the American people, as a nation, invite God into our schools, our government and our own lives will this problem be solved. Jesus will heal this nation.

God bless,

Jack Gilbertson


The Roadless Area Conservation Rule protects 58.5 million acres of wild national forest land (4.4 million in Colorado) from most commercial logging, gas drilling, and road-building. Roadless areas are ecologically and economically critical to Colorado and the nation. The current Forest Service road system is 386,000 miles, enough to circle Earth 15 times. Yet, only 20 percent of these roads are properly maintained, amounting to an $8.4 billion road maintenance backlog. Colorado’s National Forest roads could stretch from Kansas to Utah 17 times with 2,500 road miles on the WRNF alone. Access ain’t a problem.

The Bush administration proposes to replace the Roadless Rule with a costly and complex process whereby state governors petition the secretary of agriculture, a former timber lobbyist, to protect particular roadless areas. The administration’s proposal gives total discretion to the Secretary to comply with roadless area protection requests … or to give them away to the extractive industries. Which do you think he’s gonna choose?

This proposed will not protect roadless areas and will accelerate their demise. The Forest Service is accepting public comments on the proposal until Nov. 15. Join 30,000 Coloradans in voicing support for the original Roadless Rule. Submit comments today and protect our last wild and unprotected lands. For more information: http://www.cmc.org. Send comments to: Content Analysis Team Roadless State Petitions, statepetitionroadless@fs.fed.us or fax to (801) 517-1014.

Thompson Creek would not have been leased if the Roadless Rule was being upheld. This is not an abstract issue; it’s our backyard and quality of life.

Sloan Shoemaker,

executive director,

Wilderness Workshop, Aspen

Dear Editor,

We went to opening night of “The Secret Garden” at the Glenwood Springs High School auditorium recently, and we loved it. We highly recommend that you see it. Defiance Community Players and CMC Theatre have outdone themselves with this production. The story is quite intense and kept us fully engaged, and the singing, dancing, and acting were wonderful! The sets were absolutely awesome. Do make time to see this wonderful production. You’ll be glad you did.

Sue Ludtke

Glenwood Springs

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