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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

I drove down Four Mile Road early evening on a recent Wednesday when, thankfully, an oncoming vehicle flashed headlights for a warning ahead. It was two skateboarders weaving back and forth on the road having the time of their life. They did not leave the road until On The Way Market.

The police department told me that there is no law that prevents them from such an activity. They could only talk to them.

Whoever you are, you are very very lucky that someone was concerned enough to warn another that something needed attention ahead. Had that not have happened I believe that I would have hit either one or both of you. My life would have never been the same after that evening had it happened.

My question to you is why were you all over the road at dusk during a peak traffic period wearing dark clothing? Even with my headlights on it was very difficult to see you on the road.

Please think about how your foolish actions could affect an innocent person’s life. Be more considerate of others.

Jean Stewart

Glenwood Springs

Schools are failing us

Dear Editor,

I spent 25 years as a carpenter, cement finisher, and rod fasten and form setter. In the latter part of my career, I knew high school graduates who could not read a tape measure, could not do simple math and could not read instructions to install things. There were many who were this way.

I am old enough that when I went to school, we had God in our schools. Either you mastered the things taught you then, or you repeated the grade. But now we have a problem in our schools that did not exist when I went to school. They want more money to improve schools and to pay teachers more. We in this nation are not really facing the root of the problem, which is that we have taken God out of our schools.

If we really want to solve school problems, have money to repair buildings and improve teachers’ salaries, then let’s put the Ten Commandments back in our schools. Let’s put God back into our history books.

Why should I vote to pay more money to a school system that has failed too many of its students? Why should I vote for more taxes to support a system which teaches half-truths?


Jack Gilbertson


Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the letters “Getting it straight,” by Andy Stanczak and “The case for greatness,” by Brandon Bolton in the commentary section on Nov. 8, 2004. They express opinions that are more commonly held than those of the major news media, even including your Post Independent.

Elizabeth Henry’s “Let’s work together to protect the land” should be recognized for what it is ” namely, Sierra Club typical hyperbole. Her phrases “tearing into the Roan Plateau and the Thompson Creek roadless area,” “giving up all our land to gas drilling” and her use of “we the people” for a few radical environmentalists create outlandishly wrong impressions which the majority of voting citizens would have recognized as hyperbole and untrue on Nov. 2, 2004.

On that date, “we the people” re-elected President Bush, by far our best bet for global as well as national security. He is also our best bet for U.S. citizens owning guns for defense and recreation, for a vibrant productive economy, for wise productive and recreational use of our public and private land, for better education ” guided by performance first before better pay, for lower taxes, for increased private land relative to public land and for freedom from excessive regulations ” including curtailing abuses by radical environmentalists of the Endangered Species Act and any other well-intended act that the greens can pervert to accomplish their dreams for dictatorial power.

Dooley P. Wheeler


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