Link to pedestrian bridge torn down |

Link to pedestrian bridge torn down

Randy Essex

Work crews overnight Tuesday tore down the so-called catwalk that connected the metal ramp attached to the south end of the Grand Avenue vehicle bridge to the main pedestrian bridge over the Colorado River and Interstate 70.

It’s an early piece of the $125 million Grand Avenue bridge replacement project. Workers for the next three weeks or so will build a temporary walkway attached to the vehicle bridge, then will build a new pedestrian bridge, which will feature covered spots and areas to stop and enjoy the view.

People wishing to walk across the river until the temporary bridge is up will need to use stairs on the south side of Seventh Street. The only open way to those stairs while the temporary bridge is build will be the sidewalk on the south side of Seventh, which can be accessed only at Cooper Avenue.

While the temporary walkway is being build, travel on the vehicle bridge will be reduced to one lane in each direction from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays.

While the catwalk is gone and before the temporary bridge is open, pedestrians who are mobility and/or visually impaired may call Valley Taxi 970-945-4111 for a free ride across the bridge. This service is limited to mobility and/or visually impaired pedestrians.

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