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Locals dream big for a rec center at Matchett Park in Grand Junction

Caitlin Row

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — With the City of Grand Junction taking initial steps to plan a community recreation center for the 205-acre Matchett Park (located on Patterson Avenue), Free Press readers recently weighed in on their dreams for the large-scale project.

Though the park is currently undeveloped, right now it houses an 18-hole disk golf course. The city hopes to create a master plan for both the outdoor park area and a rec center. The ability to produce such a plan however is dependent upon receiving a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant to the tune of $75,000 (for the outdoor component).

Grand Junction’s Recreation Superintendent Traci Wieland recently said she’s hopeful the city will win the GOCO grant this June, so major planning may commence.

Once a master plan is in place, then a timeline for construction on the land may be hammered out.


In a question posed on the Free Press Facebook page, readers were asked: “The City of Grand Junction hopes to build a community rec center at Matchett Park. What do you hope to see in terms of amenities?”

Here’s a cross-section of answers posted:

• “The kids need a place to go when school is out to have fun and get some exercise. A big indoor pool with water slides and a lazy river, work-out equipment, exercise classes for seniors, and community rooms that anyone can reserve!”

— Renita Boothe is a retired Grand Junction resident.

• “A large skate park/BMX park combo!! I am fully supportive of this park! This part of town deserves a place to enjoy!

— Jodi Niernberg, 33, lives in Grand Junction. She works in real estate and owns BIN 707 Foodbar with her husband.

• “An indoor roller rink could be a place where kids and adults can roller skate and play basketball year-round. I feel that this would be beneficial for kids of all ages who need a safe place to go where they can be active and interact with other kids. An indoor roller rink/basketball court would benefit adults as well, especially those of us who love to dance on our roller skates as we glide over a smooth surface. Frankly, I feel that a roller rink would get some of generations X and Y out of the bars and onto some wheels.”

— Heidl Hasenauer, 31, lives in downtown Grand Junction and works for Mesa County Partners.

• “A rec room for teens, (including a) pool table and some arcade machines. And a pool comparable to the one at the Fruita rec center. Let’s give kids something to do besides get in trouble. Go to the high schools and do a survey.”

— Amber Shannon, 30, lives in Grand Junction.

• “A swimming pool with a lazy river, tracks for running, a climbing wall, basketball courts, volleyball, (and) year-round classes for every age including yoga and dance.”

— Pat Allen, 54, lives in Clifton and works at the Grand Junction Regional Center.

• “I would like to see outdoor activities, learning activities, crafts (and) music (for kids aged 2-4).”

— Mackenzie Dodge, 37, lives in Orchard Mesa and works with 99.9 KEKB.

• “I love this idea!! And if they kept the trails for outdoor running and events, that would be perfect!!”

— Danyielle Blaylock, 31, lives in Grand Junction and works for a local dentist.

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