Meat gets a bad rap! |

Meat gets a bad rap!

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Poor quality meat is very bad for you, but not simply because it’s meat. High quality meat however, is very nutritious, satisfying and kept us alive for millennia. A portion-controlled diet composed of unadulterated veggies, fruit and meat has always been the best way to health.

The bad rap is for the following reasons:

Average FDA-approved meat contains hormones, antibiotics, additives, nitrates, glue, fat, sawdust, preservatives, colors, flavorings and chemicals.

Poor quality, GMO grains fatten up cows, and us, and boost profits because of higher weight and interstitial fat or marbling. It’s cheaper to feed cows grain then to let them graze. Feed lot meat is terrible compared to the meat of animals that are allowed to graze and eat natural food.

We usually over-eat meat (and everything else for that matter).

Fact: There is no evidence that proves eating meat elevates your risk of heart disease. None.

Fact: There is also no evidence that eating saturated fat from animals leads to heart disease.

The “high sugar, low-fat, grain based diet” is a scam, and the people who promote it are paid for. Simply look at the results over the last 20 years of the state of our health and tell me if you think grains-sugar-and-low-fat diets are working.

If you have ever eaten properly prepared game and domesticated meats, you know the difference between that and grocery store junk. All grocery store deli meat, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, hamburger, ham and most of the whole-cut meat is junk. Sorry…


If you are using quality, whole meat, you shouldn’t have to cook the heck out of it. USDA standard is 160 degrees on the outside for most meats. This is a bit high but remember, they (the FDA) allow and promote garbage meat to be eaten, so maybe the logic is that by burning it, we’ll somehow kill all the ‘harmful bacteria’ that the chemicals haven’t already. Ground meat is different because you can’t control what the inside or outside of the meat is. Whole cuts are better choices than ground meat because of this. Plus ground meat is more processed and has additives, usually lots of fat and pink-slime food coloring.

Consult your local butcher — if you can find one — on meat production for a quick lesson. They can tell you where to get quality meat better than anyone — and it’s not usually at the grocery store. Please do not take up hunting and/or fishing to supply yourself with high quality meat since there are many other less tedious means to attain good meat. Taking matters into your own hands is risky, especially with your own health and nutrition. It is way easier to rely on mega corporations to know what is best for your health.

My advice is to eat frequent but small portions of mostly game, natural, free-range, grass fed, whole, organic meats of the highest quality you can afford. Like everything of higher quality, you are more satisfied with less quantity because it is so good. Yes, it’s way more expensive! Supply and demand: If you demand whole foods and quit buying junk, availability will go up and prices will go down. You may have to sacrifice a few things to afford yourself quality food, because you can’t eat a new 4-wheeler or 40 pairs of designer shoes.

Avoid eating garbage-meat as much as possible. But real meat may be the best stuff you can eat. Sorry vegans, vegetarians, Boulder residents and other anti-meat eaters — high quality meat is really good for you — almost absolutely necessary!

Disclaimer: Steve Wells is neither a nutritionist nor a dietician, but merely an athletic trainer and an owner of Midland Fitness. These articles are to make you think and laugh, not to get you to eat raw game meat.

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