Meet the Carbondale trustee candidates |

Meet the Carbondale trustee candidates

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Ben Bohmfalk
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Eight candidates are running for three seats on the Carbondale Board of Trustees in the April 5 town election. Following is combination of submitted candidate statements and information provided to the Post Independent.

Patricia Warman

I have never run for any public office but I thought that I may be able to add a mature balanced voice to the Board of Trustees. I hold an advanced graduate degree from the University of Michigan and have worked in the field of education in Michigan, Florida and Colorado. I’ve lived in Carbondale since 1984 and currently do flower gardens, mosaic art, and home companion care. My schedule is flexible giving me the time to dedicate to serving my community in this capacity.

I have worked with Garfield Literacy as a volunteer in the 1990s, served as president of the Gordon Cooper Friends of the Library and have donated hundreds of hours to volunteering in our schools and developed a program encouraging youth to be environmentally responsible. I am a senior citizen and hope to give a greater voice to that population as well as all citizens. It is possible that my many years of experience in different areas may provide a positive addition to the Board of Trustees and the representation of the people of the town of Carbondale. Experience and historical perspectives are valuable and we need to remember that public servants serve all the people.

Ben Bohmfalk

I’m running because I love Carbondale, and we always need reasonable decision-makers to embrace the responsibility of local governance. My experience as a teacher and planning and zoning commissioner has prepared me to listen, research, and decide what’s in the best interest of our town as a whole. I have a deep understanding of our land-use planning process from my years as chairman of the planning commission, and I will continue to reform that process to make it less divisive and more fair for all involved. I understand the challenges faced by teachers and other essential workers living in Carbondale, and I will serve as a voice of our education community on the Board of Trustees.

The challenges facing Carbondale result from our strengths. We have a strong economy and high quality of life, so lots of people want to live here, creating high demand for our limited supply of housing. My first priority is our affordable housing crisis, which we must approach with an “all of the above” strategy involving every viable solution.

My other priorities include building on the progress we’ve made toward economic and environmental sustainability, and enhancing the arts and recreation amenities that define Carbondale.

Michael Durant

I would be honored to serve the citizens of Carbondale as town trustee. I am running for trustee because I believe in a common sense and fiscally prudent approach to limited government. When I refer to limited government, I’m referring to the things local government is supposed to do: Fund public safety and assure that staff have what they need to provide the best service to the town, maintain the sewer and water systems, maintain the roads and sidewalks … you get the picture.

No grand vision to save the world. Just nuts-and-bolts common sense with the intent of allowing our town to thrive.

I feel strongly and passionately about spending your tax dollars wisely. I see tax dollars as a limited pool of your money available to conduct the town’s business, and you are entitled to a reasonable return on your investment.

The town is facing real challenges to its growth and prosperity. Decisions need to made based on sound fiscal principles with measurable results. My most important goal is to create an environment where business can thrive. When business thrives, the town thrives.

John “Doc” Philip

“I’m running to not get elected. But if I do, everything will have to change,” John “Doc” Philip told the Post Independent.

He lived in Aspen before moving into Carbondale and fears a takeover of the billionaire class as he saw upvalley.

The population explosion in the next 15 years will eliminate access to clean air, food and water in Carbondale, he said. “The amount of carbon dioxide in the air over the net 50 to 100 years will be enough to kill people. And Crystal River will be drained to a trickle.”

And the oil and gas industry are dooming the world, he said.

Carbondale should secede from the union and become its own nation-state, he said.

The town’s nickname is “Dumbdale,” said Philip, and he wants to change the name to “Carbon-nation-dale.” Carbondale needs to become a fun town again, he said.

He’s been involved in creating the town’s Environmental Board, converting the railroad into a hiker-biker path, and getting the garbage collection companies to start taking recyclables, he said.

His claim to fame is the creation of Carbondale’s Dandelion Day, and he’s a wealth of knowledge about dandelions, now the town’s official flower.

Allyn Harvey

I am running for a second term on the board of trustees because I’m committed to Carbondale as a community. I have worked hard for the last four years to help Carbondale maintain its character and come out of the recession. I would like to continue my work as we adopt a new development code and continue to grapple with the issues our community faces. We live in a special place and I’ve been honored to represent the voters and would like to continue.

I offer a commitment to our community as reflected in my work as a town trustee, as well as my efforts to start the Sopris Sun newspaper and the Carbondale Community Food Cooperative. I have lived in the valley for much of my life and bring the experience of a long time Carbondale resident. I am an elected official who has worked hard to represent his constituents.

Dan Richardson

I’m passionate about community governance. Carbondale is a bold community that has grown into an amazing community without letting go of its rebellious teenage heart. It’s growing a local economy that holds true to its heritage while tapping the entrepreneurial spirit. It has built public-private partnerships that defy conventional wisdom. It’s embraced an increasingly diverse community that is only growing stronger. I am running because I have a strong track record of demonstrating integrity, thoughtful leadership and dedication. I am excited about the opportunity to align my passion and skills so that I can contribute to Carbondale’s extraordinary future.

Both my career and volunteer efforts over the past 20 years have been dedicated to helping my local community thrive. As a consultant for SGM I consult with local governments on optimizing public infrastructure and strategic planning. I have served on Glenwood Springs City Council, was chairman of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority Board of Directors, president of the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork and have served many other roles in community service. My work and service provides me a unique perspective of what works, what doesn’t and how to build on what makes Carbondale, Carbondale.

Marty Silverstein

I am 64 years old and married to Kathleen Webb with no children but two cats from Colorado Animal Rescue.

I have lived in the valley for the past 25 years and in Carbondale for the past 13 years. I have worked for the US Postal Service for 21 years, the last 6 years in Carbondale.

I have served on the town Parks and Recreation Commission for four-and-a-half years, also on the special events task force for one year. I have helped Steve Standiford put on the Sunday concerts in Sopris Park last summer and will do the same this summer.

I am running for trustee because I desire to contribute to my community in a more meaningful way. I appreciate the funky mix of professionals, artisans, old hippies (some not so old) retires, ranchers and working folks. This vital mix is what makes Carbondale special.

I would like to insure that we can maintain this into the future. We have serious issues facing us: affordable housing, questions about growth and development, budget issues. I am open minded and willing to listen to all input on these issues.

None of us want Carbondale to look like Willit’s or west Colfax with strip malls,

I want us to maintain our small town character.

Wayne Horak

I know that I would make a good trustee. I spent six years taking care of an elderly lady until she passed away two years ago – helping her with her medical and financial affairs. I’m currently helping another elderly couple. I’m the secretary of a nonprofit that gives scholarships to underprivileged children. I was a member of the town Historic Preservation Commission and Mt. Sopris Historical Society. I also took a class in solar design and installation from S.E.I.

I’m for affordable housing. Every trustee on the board now has promised affordable housing, and the house/rent keeps going up. I’ve been in construction for 25 years and I know how to get affordable housing. With that construction experience I’ve made many complicated decisions, many to achieve a goal under budget.

There are so many different ways to achieve our green energy targets without spending a lot of money and will be long-term infrastructure solutions, such as providing ditch water to homes downtown that are using processed/town water to water their yards. Also, the town trustees are currently changing the marijuana laws every six months. I would hate to see us have so many regulations that we end up with prohibition again.

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