Melt fat with gamma rays |

Melt fat with gamma rays

Steve Wells

I used to love watching “The Hulk” as a kid. What a great concept from the minds of science fiction. I have heard that science fiction has been renamed as ‘science prediction’ since much of the technologies we see in it actually come to fruition — like the accidental gamma ray exposure that gave Bruce Banner superhuman powers.

I appreciate how “Hollyweird” writers are so darn imaginative. The real gamma rays that we are constantly bathed in do not turn us into green, crimefighting bodybuilders who can’t act. Thank goodness. It seems that they do help to cause ADHD, sleep disorders, dementia, cancer, memory issues, low energy, hypertension, fertility problems, neurological issues and child development issues, to name a few.

Isn’t wireless technology great? Now it has become increasingly difficult to escape gamma rays, even in your own home. This makes people angry, but not any better at fighting crime.

OK, they’re not really gamma rays; it’s just good old electromagnetic radiation, similar to what your microwave uses to “nuke” a frozen burrito. You get doused with EMR 24/7 from various devices.

You, your children and your grandchildren are being used as lab rats. Scientists are testing the effects of “digital-dementia” as you read this. And all so that we can spend the greater portion of the day screwing around on an expensive wireless devices.

Naturally, the companies that sell you this stuff sponsor the research which deems it to be perfectly safe — even though your common sense tells you that chronic radiation exposure is probably bad. The same people that slather themselves in sunscreen probably used a wireless device to see if it’s safe. Both are deemed to be safe even though skin cancer and dementia are rising exponentially.

What does this have to do with fitness? It is very difficult to develop good fitness habits when you are whacked out on radiation. If you are not getting good sleep, you can’t concentrate, your guts are all jacked up, you have no energy, or you are dealing with a neurological disorder, it is much more difficult to work out and eat right.

I have been in this business for 25 years. I have watched the fitness level of average people drop considerably over that short period of time. There is more information and technology out there for fitness than ever before but as a society, we are less fit than ever. How can this be with all the fitness apps, crazy new equipment and scientifically proven fitness programs like pole dancing?

I watched a Jack LaLanne TV show the other day and I was amazed at how well old Jack nailed it almost 70 years ago. I was also amazed at how far we have fallen off the wagon. We actually have fitness programs called “Insanity.” We have tried to turn working out into a sport. We now have a water bottle that tracks your water intake because we are too distracted to know that we are thirsty! But we are still the fattest, sickest nation on earth — even with “7 Minute Abs,” “Six Minute Abs,” and my own invention, you guessed it, “Five Minute Abs.”

I can’t help but point fingers at the “lust for technology” as the culprit. I think that the more painful truth is that we don’t care — we would rather screw around with a wireless device all day than be healthy.

Since many people worship science, they look to it for guidance. This must be because it’s so accurate and reliable. Science did prove that “The Hulk” would be a hit TV show so how can I argue? We look for scientific proof to see if stuff like persistent exposure to man-made radiation is safe or harmful. Then we test it once or twice and call it good as we move on the next exciting thing. Or we just completely ignore research that doesn’t work for us, like how Apple did when they were asked about the high levels of radiation spewing out of each and every i-Phone.

Factoid: More Africans and Indians have cell phones than toilets.

You think I’m joking? Use your wireless device to find out. Use your common sense to realize why.

Steve Wells is a personal trainer and co-owner of Midland Fitness. His column appears on Tuesdays.

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