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Miracle fat-loss drug revealed!

Steve Wells
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Now that you’re paying attention, here is a major factor that may be keeping you from enjoining health and fitness. This article has nothing to do with “miracle fat-loss drugs” mainly because miracle fat loss drugs don’t ever work and the pursuit of them is a major part of the cause of the deplorable state of health that our culture enjoys.

However, prescription and over-the-counter drugs are probably the biggest inhibitor to health and fitness.

I see many new clients who are on the typical gamut of “safe-legal” drugs. These people wouldn’t dream of taking “unsafe street drugs,” but they can be coaxed into the prescription and OTC drugs as they develop scary symptoms from the typical American sedentary lifestyle. They are already in such bad shape that the fear of having to workout makes it much easier to try the pills. The drugs they take are approved by the FDA, so you can rest assured that they’re safe.

Prescription and OTC drug abuse starts with children and is a devastating problem in our culture. The statistics on prescription drug problems are stunning. In my opinion the street-drug problem is laughable in comparison to prescription and OTC drugs.

As we age, the side effects of drugs expose themselves. We are the lab rats for long-term drug use, as most drugs are tested for only 90 days by the FDA. The limits of our ability to expel toxins are pushed as we take in more drugs and environmental poisons. Somewhere in middle age we start to feel it. We either do something about it or risk looking like Keith Richards.

The middle age average top 10 drug-abuse list usually contains the following prescription and/or OTC drugs:

Blood pressure pills — cholesterol pills — mellow-out pills — baby aspirin pills — light duty pain pills — heavy duty pain pills — some type of hormone pills — cold/allergy pills — antibiotic pills — flu shots or pills or both.

The combined side-effects and the stress of processing the drugs on the above list makes starting a workout program very difficult.

We are anchored to a sedentary lifestyle by a list of medications that only grows as we get older and more toxified (thanks partly to savvy, persuasive, young, attractive drug reps). Sometimes people are prescribed medications as a preventative measure, even after they have lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. What if your symptoms come back? Better keep taking rat poison just in case.

The few “anti-medication people” that I see are amazingly healthier than their safe-legal drug-addicted peers. They get better results that last longer, they actually have energy and rarely get sick. Are they just blessed with good genetics, or did their parents steer them clear from incessant pill popping when they were children?

Don’t blame the dealer. Doctors aren’t chasing you down and making you take pills. Awesome commercials on TV aren’t making you ask your doctor if designer medications are for you. We ask for them. OK, sometimes pills are offered. OK, just about every time pills are offered and covered under the affordable health care plan — unless they are really expensive or you really need them due to an actual medical condition vs. “lifestyle illnesses” that costs us trillions.

Of course all drugs aren’t bad. There are people who will be dependent on medication for the rest of their lives and they praise the doctors that made the particular drug they need. Breakthrough medications and treatments for people who have suffered accidents or horrible genetic conditions are truly miracles. This is quite different from the absolutely pathetic drug abuse/addiction that goes on in our country, which has created many billion dollar industries that go way beyond pharmaceuticals. We all share the blame. Unfortunately we all don’t share the profits.

The problem is that we want drugs.

Do you have any idea how much poppy it takes to fuel our need for opiate drugs? Do you want to know how many of us regularly take opiate drugs? Enough for us to have to forcefully “liberate” entire countries and keep on “liberating” until all the poppy is gone or we get a taste for a different drug.

I’m sure there are peaceful nations just quivering in anticipation of Americans developing a taste for a substance that happens to grow on their turf. Roads and schools are a poor exchange for being turned into drug zombies, but we’re doing it.

The funny thing is all the information is out there on how to get healthy, for free, and it’s really much less confusing than reading the list of side effects on the label of any drug.

But let’s be honest, we just want the drugs. We have been dodging hard work and discipline forever and the “magic pill fantasy” has finally gotten the best of us as chemical-lifestyle disease dominates our lives.

Part of starting a fitness program is carefully eliminating drugs. The two don’t mix well. You laughed at Nancy Reagan when she told you to “just say no” and “only sick people need drugs” — but she was right. Work with your physician to reduce the drugs you are taking. Don’t just stop taking any drug. Stopping cold turkey doesn’t work on FDA-approved drugs, only on FDA approved street drugs.

You can take your health into your own hands; in fact you have to. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

*For Sale: I am selling the awkward acronym “UTIPOD” (under the influence of prescription or OTC drugs). The penalty for a UTIPOD is 30 days as an “opiate pain medication dispenser” at your local convalescent center. This will help build a lot of schools and roads, guaranteed.

Steve Wells is a personal trainer and co-owner of Midland Fitness. His column appears on Tuesdays.

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