Nearly 270 Roaring Fork Valley businesses awarded PPP loans greater than $150,000 |

Nearly 270 Roaring Fork Valley businesses awarded PPP loans greater than $150,000

Scott Condon
The Aspen Times
Aspen Valley Hospital was awarded the largest Payroll Protection Program loan in the Roaring Fork Valley. (Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times)
Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times

Nearly 270 businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley received loans of $150,000 or more from the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program after the COVID-19 crisis hit, according to data released by the Small Business Association.

The loans were used as a lifeline by borrowers ranging from Aspen Valley Hospital and multiple dental and medical clinics to construction firms, and from arts organizations such as Aspen Art Museum to restaurants. Several prominent law firms and architectural businesses throughout the valley also obtained loans.

The loans were approved but there may be cases where the borrower decided not to collect the funds, according to the SBA.

About two-thirds of the loans awarded in the Roaring Fork Valley, 180 of 269, were in the range of $150,000 to $350,000, according to an analysis of the federal data by The Aspen Times.

There were 77 loans between $350,000 and $1 million and another 10 between $1 million and $2 million.

There was only one loan between $2 million and $5 million. That was to Clark’s Market Inc., a chain anchored in Aspen. Clark’s said it would use the loan to retain 402 jobs throughout its chain, according to the information released by the SBA.

There was only one loan in the valley in the highest category, $5 million to $10 million. That was to Aspen Valley Hospital, which said it would use the loan to retain 500 jobs.

The Paycheck Protection Program was rolled out by the federal government in April to soften the blow to the economy from business shutdowns at the start of the coronavirus crisis. The program provided eight weeks of funds primarily to keep employees on payroll and from filing for unemployment. Other allowed uses are interest on mortgages, rent and utilities. Loans that aren’t forgiven will have an interest rate of 1%.

While the SBA oversees the program, banks provided the loans and helped clients with the paperwork. Representatives of several local banks said in April that the vast majority of their clients planned to use the funds primarily for payroll.

The SBA data showed that 125 of the 279 loan recipients in the Roaring Fork Valley didn’t indicate how many jobs the loans would be used to retain or they marked zero jobs.

Following is the list of the loan recipients in Aspen, Snowmass Village, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs. The job retention is listed when it was included in the SBA data.

•$5million to $10 million

Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen, 500 jobs retained

•$2 million to $5 million

Clark’s Market Inc., Aspen, 402 jobs retained

•$1 million to $2 million

Aspen Club Lodge Properties LLC, Aspen

CSC Management LLC, Aspen, 90 jobs retained

Gould Construction, Glenwood Springs, 83 jobs retained

Maroon Creek Club LLC, Aspen, 84 jobs retained

Mountain Family Health Center, GWS, 165 jobs retained

Mountain Valley Development Services Inc., GWS

Pacific Sheet Metal Inc., Carbondale, 90 jobs retained

R&A Enterprises of Carbondale Inc., GWS

Roaring Fork Club LLC, Basalt, 148 jobs retained

Rocky Mountain Connections, Basalt

•$350,000 to $1 million

7908 Aspen LLC, Aspen

Anderson Ranch Arts Foundation, Snowmass Village

Aspen Concrete Structures Inc., GWS

Aspen Alps Condominium Association Inc., Aspen

Aspen Clark’s Real Estate LLC, 45 jobs retained

Aspen Grocery LLC, Aspen

Aspen Property Management Inc., Aspen, 28 jobs retained

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Aspen

Aspen Tree Service Inc., Carbondale

Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club Inc., Aspen, 40 jobs retained

Aspen Waldorf Foundation Inc., Aspen

Backbone Group LLC, Carbondale, 60 jobs retained

Balcomb and Green PC, GWS

Berthoud Motors Inc., GWS

Betula Aspen LLC, Aspen, 51 jobs retained

Bill Poss and Associates Architecture and Planning PC, Aspen

Brexi LLC, Aspen

Brikor Associates LLC, Basalt, 23 jobs retained

Cache Cache Ltd, Aspen

Caribou Club Ltd, Aspen, 45 jobs retained

Carl’s Pharmacy, Aspen, Aspen

Casa Tua Aspen LLC, Aspen, 68 jobs retained

Charles Cunniffe Architects PC, Aspen


Colorado Poolscapes, GWS

Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Carbondale Inc., Carbondale

Cornerstone Property Management Aspen LLC, Aspen, 30 jobs retained

Cottle Carr Yaw Architects, Basalt

Crestwood Condominium Association Inc., Snowmass Village

Dancing Bear Residences Owners Association Inc., Aspen, 49 jobs retained

Fierce American Food Co. LLC, Aspen, 29 jobs retained

Forrest Painting LLC, Basalt, 23 jobs retained

Frias Properties of Aspen, Aspen, 70 jobs retained

GF Woods Construction Inc., Aspen, 21 jobs retained

Garfield & Hecht PC, Aspen

Giba Inc, Aspen

Giobi Inc, Aspen, 43 jobs retained

Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co. LLC, GWS, 54 jobs retained

Glenwood Medical Associates, GWS

Glenwood Springs Food Inc., GWS

Glenwood Springs Subaru Inc, GWS

Glenwood Tramway LLC, GWS, 67 jobs retained

Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork, GWS

Hansen Construction Inc., Aspen, 52 jobs retained

Harriman Construction Inc., Basalt

Innovative Painting Systems Inc., Carbondale

Integrity Pizza LLC, GWS, 139 jobs retained

Jaywalker Lodge Inc., Basalt, 54 jobs retained

JC Hospitality Aspen LLC, Aspen, 29 jobs retained

Koru Ltd, Carbondale, 20 jobs retained

L&M Corp, Aspen, 32 jobs retained

Lassiter Electric Inc., Basalt, 42 jobs retained

Lead Resort Management LLC, Aspen

Matsuhisa Aspen LLC, Aspen

Mountain Temp Service LLC, Aspen

Music Associates of Aspen Inc., Aspen

Myers and Co. Architectural Metals, Basalt, 68 jobs retained

Paragon Systems Integration LLC, Aspen

Pitkin County Dry Goods Co, Aspen

Powder Keg Inc., Aspen, 48 jobs retained.

Proguard Protection Service Inc., Basalt, 31 jobs retained

Reese Henry and Co., Aspen

Roaring Fork Valley Cooperative Association, Carbondale, 33 jobs retained

Rowland Broughton Architecture and Urban Design Inc., Aspen, 39 jobs retained

Rudd Associates Construction Inc., Basalt

S&L Travel Partners Inc., Aspen, 51 jobs retained

S2M Construction Co Inc., GWS, 40 jobs retained

Sopris Engineering LLC, Carbondale, 29 jobs retained

Sport Obermeyer Ltd, Aspen, 51 jobs retained

Stutsman-Gerbaz Inc., Snowmass

SV Snowmass Hospitality LLC, Snowmass Village, 35 jobs retained

The Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, 42 jobs retained

The Aspen Country Day School Inc., Aspen, 60 jobs retained

The Romero Group LLC, Basalt, 70 jobs retained

Umbrella Roofing Inc., Basalt, 58 jobs retained

Valley Acquisition Co. LLC, Basalt, 37 jobs retained

Young Services LLC, GWS, 47 jobs retained

•$150,000 to $350,000

Ajax Holdings LLC, Aspen

Ajax Pool and Spa Inc., Basalt, 19 jobs retained

Ajax Roofing Co, Basalt

All Kids Dental Pediatrics and Orthodontics, GWS, 38 jobs retained

All Valley Maintenance, Basalt, 13 jobs retained

Allergy Asthma and Immunology of the Rockies PC, GWS, 11 jobs retained

Alpine Moving and Storage Inc., Aspen, 22 jobs retained

Alpine Property Management Inc., Snowmass Village

Amatis Controls LLC, Aspen, 12 jobs retained

American Seminar Institute Inc., Carbondale

Antoinette Paris LLC, Aspen

Argos Capital Management Inc., Aspen, 7 jobs retained

Aspen Branch Inc., Aspen, 8 jobs retained

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Aspen

Aspen Community Foundation, Basalt

Aspen Glow Holiday Works, Carbondale

Aspen Hope Center, Basalt

Aspen Medical Care PC, Aspen

Aspen Snowmass LLC, Snowmass Village, 19 jobs retained

Aspen Tile and Bath Gallery Inc., Aspen, 15 jobs retained

Austin Group Holdings LLC, Aspen, 30 jobs retained

B Willson Enterprises Inc., Woody Creek

Bald Mountain LLC, Aspen, 13 jobs retained

Basalt Bike & Ski Inc., Carbondale

Batch&Ramp; Abbratch LLC, Aspen, 22 jobs retained

Belly Up Aspen LLC, Aspen, 71 jobs retained

Bethel Party Rentals Inc., GWS

Big Stone Publishing Ltd, Carbondale

Bishop Plumbing and Heating Inc., GWS, 20 jobs retained

Bison Adventures LLC, Snowmass Village

Blue Lake Preschool Inc., Carbondale

Bluegreen Inc., Aspen

Brigitte Inc., Aspen, 40 jobs retained

Cali Corp., Basalt, 17 jobs retained

Carbondale Car Care, Carbondale

Carbondale Dental Center PC, Carbondale, 15 jobs retained

Challenge Aspen, Snowmass Village, 9 jobs retained

Cleaner Express Ltd, Aspen, 22 jobs retained

CMZ LLC, Snowmass Village

Colorado Adventure Center Inc., GWS, 85 jobs retained

Columbia Builders Inc., GWS

Colwest Roofing and Waterproofing Co. Inc., Carbondale, 10 jobs retained

Compass Peak Imaging LLC, GWS. 7 jobs retained

Crawford Design Build LLC, Carbondale

Crawford Properties LLC, El Jebel

Crystal River Spas Inc., Carbondale

CSCP Operators LLC, Aspen

CSZDVM, Carbondale, 21 jobs retained

Daly Property Services Inc., Basalt

DB Bistro LLC, Aspen

Distinguished Boards and Beams, Carbondale

Double Diamond Moving and Storage, Carbondale

Down to Earth Landscapes and Construction, Carbondale, 26 jobs retained

Durgin Electric LLC, Carbondale, 21 jobs retained

Eagle Crest Nursery LLC, El Jebel, 19 jobs retained

Early Learning Center, Aspen

Earth-wise Horticultural Inc., GWS, 17 jobs retained

Ecos Environmental and Disaster Restoration Inc., GWS, 16 jobs retained

Eigelberger LLC, Basalt, 11 jobs retained

El Korita Inc, Basalt

Electrical Outfitters Inc., GWS, 20 jobs retained

Elk Mountain Hospitality Inc., Aspen

Elk Mountain Ventures Inc., Basalt

Eric Willsky MD Medical Corp., Aspen

Excavation Services Inc., Carbondale, 27 jobs retained

Fast Encoding Inc., Aspen, 9 jobs retained

Flame Out Fire Protection Inc., Basalt

Forum Phi Architecture LLC, Aspen, 18 jobs retained

Frying Pan Anglers Inc., Basalt

Garfield Youth Services, GWS

Glenwood Anesthesia Professionals PC, GWS

Glenwood Auto Parts Inc., GWS, 25 jobs retained

Glenwood Springs Dental Partners, GWS

Glenwood Springs Lodging, LLC, GWS, 44 jobs retained

Global Work Resources LLC, Basalt, 69 jobs retained

Good Earth Landscaping & Maintenance LLC, Carbondale, 25 jobs retained

Grand River Construction Co, GWS

Great Western Painting Inc., Carbondale, 20 jobs retained

Groundskeepers of Aspen Inc., Aspen

GZO Sheet Metal and Roofing Inc., Aspen

Haymax Hotels LLC, Aspen, 14 jobs retained

Henry & Mike LLC, GWS, 20 jobs retained

Hickory House of Aspen, Aspen, 25 jobs retained

High Country Engineering Inc., GWS, 15 jobs retained

High Tone Auto Body Inc., Basalt

High-Con Inc., Basalt

Highlands Pizza Co. LLC, Aspen

Historic Redstone Inn, Redstone

Holmes Excavation and Concrete Inc., Carbondale

Home Team BBQ of Aspen LLC, Aspen

Hospice of the Valley Inc., GWS

I Matti Ristorante Inc., Aspen, 175 jobs retained

Incline Management LLC, Aspen

Integra Motorsports LLC, GWS, 16 jobs retained

Integrated Mountain Maintenance Inc., GWS

Ivy League Camps LLC, Aspen, 25 jobs retained

Janckila Construction Inc., Carbondale, 15 jobs retained

John L. Frey, Aspen, 8 jobs retained

Joonas Group LLC, Aspen

K and W Concrete Inc., Basalt

Kalos Aspen LLC, Aspen, 10 jobs retained

Keelty Construction Inc., Basalt

Kelly Klee Inc., Aspen, 9 jobs retained

La Creperie Du Village LLC, Aspen, 30 jobs retained

Liquidated LLC, Snowmass Village

Lunamezza Ltd LLC, Aspen

M.T.G. Inc., Aspen

Maru LLC, Aspen

Mauldin Plumbing and Heating Inc., GWS, 18 jobs retained

Mid Valley Auto Body LLC, GWS, 10 jobs retained

Midvalley Family Practice PC, Basalt

Mighty Mouse Management, Snowmass Village

Mitchell and Co LLC, Carbondale

Mountain Chalet Enterprises Inc., Aspen, 36 jobs retained

Mountain Chevrolet LLC, GWS, 29 jobs retained

Mr. Vac Air Duct and Carpet Cleaning Inc., GWS, 17 jobs retained

Murry Dental Group LLC, GWS

New Creation Church of Glenwood, GWS, 52 jobs retained

North of Nell Condominium Association, Aspen

O2 Aspen 2 LLC, Aspen

Oates, Knezevich, Gardenswartz, Kelly and Morrow PC, Aspen

Offroad Design Inc., Carbondale, 18 jobs retained

Onion LLC, Basalt, 22 jobs retained

Orthopaedic Associates of Aspen and Glenwood Springs PC, Basalt, 19 jobs retained

Osmia Organics LLC, Carbondale, 20 jobs retained

Pacific Food and Beverage Co., Aspen, 30 jobs retained

Paramount Professional Services LLC, GWS, 16 jobs retained

Peter J Martin Insurance LLC, Carbondale, 11 jobs retained

Pine Mountain Electric Inc., GWS

Pinions LLC, Aspen, 35 jobs retained

Pinnacle Water Inc., Carbondale

Premier Party Rental LLC, Carbondale, 45 jobs retained

Recon Protection LLC, Aspen, 11 jobs retained

River Restoration LLC, Carbondale

River Valley Ranch Master Association, Carbondale, 16 jobs retained

Roaring Fork Resources LLC, Basalt

Roberts and Co. Inc., Carbondale, 10 jobs retained

Rocky Mountain Gutters and Maintenance Inc., GWS, 18 jobs retained

Rygr LLC, Carbondale, 11 jobs retained

Sagome Inc., Aspen

Savage Excavation LLC, Carbondale, 17 jobs retained

Schlumberger Scherer Construction, Aspen

Silver News LLC, Aspen, 16 jobs retained

SLL Ltd, Snowmass Village

Smoke Modern Barbecue LLC, GWS, 35 jobs retained

Sopris Home Care LLC, GWS

Southside Commercial Enterprises LLC, Basalt

St. Stephen Catholic Church, GWS, 47 jobs retained

Stone Age LLC, GWS, 13 jobs retained

Stonebridge Condominium Association, Snowmass Village

Structural Associates Co. GWS, 19 jobs retained

Studio B Architects, Aspen, 11 jobs retained

Suarez Masonry LLC, GWS

Su Casa Inc., Aspen, 50 jobs retained

Sunlight Inc., GWS, 44 jobs retained

Sunsense Inc., Carbondale

Tatanka Provisions Co LLC, Aspen, 15 jobs retained

Ted Hess and Associates LLC, GWS, 12 jobs retained

Tequilas III Inc., GWS

Terrapin Las Colinas LLC, Aspen, 24 jobs retained

Terrapin Management Corp., Aspen, 14 jobs retained

The Aspen Digger Inc., Carbondale

The Buddy Program, Aspen

The Hert Four Inc., GWS, 36 jobs retained

The Pepperoni Pizza Kitchen, Carbondale, 42 jobs retained

The Pullman LLC, Carbondale

The Runaway Shovel Inc., Woody Creek

Theatre Aspen, Aspen, 25 jobs retained

Timberline Condominiums Association Inc., Snowmass Village

TJ Concrete Construction Inc., Carbondale

Tom and Ellen Marshall Enterprises Inc., Basalt, 26 jobs retained

Tracker Software Corp, Snowmass Village

UBCI Inc., Carbondale, 18 jobs retained

Ute Mountaineer Ltd, Aspen

Valley Settlement, Carbondale

Village Smithy Restaurant Inc., Carbondale

Vivala Inc., Aspen

Western Hospitality Group Ltd, GWS

Woody Creek Distillers, Basalt, 17 jobs retained

Your Parts Haus Corp., Carbondale, 29 jobs retained

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