New Post Independent website debuts today |

New Post Independent website debuts today

Beginning today, you’ll see a new website design at

Why the change?

It’s part of a new computer software system that not only is used to create the content on our website but also supports all the stories, photos, headlines and pages that we produce for our print newspaper.

In the business, it’s called a content-management system, and the Post Independent is getting a new one.

It represents a major investment in how we put together the print newspaper, as well as move stories, photos and other items to our website. And as part of the change, our website will look entirely different. The website is being redesigned to be easier to read no matter what platform readers use — computer, tablet or mobile.

The design is based on reader feedback and research about how people use news-oriented websites. The home page design is simplified and cleaner than what you experience on most newspaper websites, including our current site. Photo display will be better and related article links will be much improved. Overall, it will be a more efficient, simpler and more enjoyable reading experience.

The Post Independent website will also feature content from sister publications farther west in Rifle and Grand Junction. The URLs readers in Rifle and Grand Junction have used before — and — will still direct them to the site.

As with any change, the new website will take some getting used to simply because it is different from what online readers have become accustomed to during the past four years.

And as with anything new, we know it won’t be perfect on day 1. If you are a longtime reader and user of our websites, you recognize this is nothing new. Our website has undergone several different looks since we first launched an online version in the late-1990s, and with each change, we have encountered bugs and unexpected blips.

So, in advance, we ask that you please bear with us.

We will have an extended team of both news and technical folks in our newsroom for the next two weeks to help us work through problems, and we expect the fixes to be quick.

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