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Opinion: Another Neocon-inspired conflagration in Ukraine

Travis Kelly
Free Press Opinion Columnist

Russia’s recent “invasion” and plebiscite annexation of Crimea has stirred hysterical reactions by nearly every politician and pundit of both left and right; Vladimir Putin is dangerously deranged, they say — another Hitler threatening world peace.

All this outrage from many of the same Galahads who pushed our exceptionalist invasion of Iraq, based on completely concocted “evidence” of weapons of mass destruction — an illegal “pre-emptive invasion” by international law established after the havoc of World War II.

Last year alone, 9,500 Iraqi civilians died violently, totaling 135,000 since our invasion, with no end in sight. We’ve been supporting Egypt’s murderous new junta, “liberated” Libya into another hellhole, fueled the human catastrophe in Syria’s civil war, and continue to drone-bomb hundreds of suspected radicals and innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia — with no evidence but what our NSA global octopus gathers up in secret.

If John Kerry and other belligerent blow-hards just had to lecture Putin in public, couldn’t they at least have sounded a little less like Jimmy Swaggart or Ted Haggard hypocritically condemning other’s sins? If you’re going to throw stones from your own shattered glass house, maybe you should at least slow pitch it?

But our Neocons (including those in sheep’s clothing) have no sense of humility or irony, or even the integrity to honor a deal. When Gorbachev agreed not to interfere militarily with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact alliance, he stipulated this — only under the condition that we (U.S. and western Europe) would not impress all these nations into NATO.

Ever since the Neocon coup in 2001, we’ve reneged and done exactly that, aggressively enlisting 12 former Warsaw Pact nations into NATO, while installing treaty-violating ABMs (anti-ballistic missiles) in Poland, supposedly to protect Kansas from non-existent trans-continental WMD missiles in Iran. Putin always cracks up over this claim (and who can resist?). But he and the whole attentive world knows that Ukraine is expansive NATO’s next target, and the current blow-up is a replay of the failed “Orange Revolution” in 2004 — also instigated by American and European covert operations, using NGOs as fronts and cash cows. The goal is to control Ukrainian natural gas fields, and deny Russia its only warm-water port in Crimea.

A national election in Ukraine was scheduled next year, when citizens could have ousted the newly Russia-leaning Yankovych if a majority disliked his policies. Or if the election were too far off for an immediate crisis, the Ukrainian parliament could have started impeachment proceedings, according to their constitution. But none of this happened.

Violent street protests ignited by of the flame-throwing, bat-wielding “Right Sector,” led by the Svoboda party, created a crisis — Yankovych, backed off, met most of their demands, and it looked as if the constitutional, democratic processes that we supposedly promote were going to prevail, until a mysterious group of rooftop snipers opened fire in Kiev, killing dozens. They have never been conclusively identified, but they killed both anti-Yankovych protesters and regime policemen in equal measures, firing from a building completely controlled by the opposition Maidan party. “Conspiracy theorists” allege that they were NATO agent provocateurs, following the old Gladio network plans (false-flag attacks, etc.).

The Svoboda party, which now dominates the new Ukrainian congress, is a blatant neo-fascist outfit, openly honoring its heritage with the Ukrainian Nazi collaborators who participated in the Holocaust, and has continued to make anti-Semitic threats and pronouncements today. These are some of the “freedom fighters” we have funneled $5 billion American taxpayer dollars to (and probably an equal amount to al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria).

The D.C. establishment has spent the last 13 years stirring up hornet’s nests all over the world, exaggerating or fabricating “evidence” to justify never-ending interventions. Globalist guru Zbigniew Brzezinski has framed the current Cold War II as a continuation of the “Great Game” that imperial powers played in the 19th century, with Russia against most of western Europe. That feverish period was supposed to have been abolished forever beginning in 1945, after the Nuremberg trials, Geneva Convention and United Nations protocols forbidding aggressive warfare (invasion), and torture — another known covenant our Neocons have routinely violated.

Who are these war-loving militants in our capital? For the most part, they’re chicken hawks, wonks and wankers who can find no other profession, career, hobby or talent to pursue in life — global chess games with deadly consequences are their reason for living. Most of them are making another kind of killing with their private defense industry stocks. And the more wars you start, whether victorious or not, the greater chance of achieving some measure of immortality in the history books!

Poll after poll shows that a majority of Americans are fed up with this murderous meddling and costly empire building. Maybe our federally-funded National Endowment for Democracy, which has been kick starting and financing all these bloody civil wars abroad, should start re-seeding democracy on the home front — because the voice of the people is being completely and disastrously ignored by our mad flock of military-industrial complex hawks, hellbent on trip wiring World War III.

GJ Free Press columnist Travis Kelly is a web/graphic designer, writer and cartoonist in Grand Junction. See his work or contact him at http://www.traviskelly.com.

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