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Opinion: Broncos, Seahawks and Grit

Ben Rogers
GJ Free Press Columnist

For anyone who missed the game last week, you were lucky.

As a loyal fan, I watched as our Broncos — the top scoring team in the NFL — was almost shut out by the Seahawks.

The Broncos went in to the game as the favorites. We all knew they would win. Broncos’ fans already had their victory celebrations planned.

From the first snap, however, it was clear that the Broncos were off. They were not playing like themselves. They seemed tight and slow, while the Seahawks looked crisp and relaxed. Much to my chagrin, my wife mentioned that we looked like little kids playing against Seattle. Despite all of my coaching (or as my wife calls it — yelling) at the TV, we lost the game.

But let’s look at the bright side. We made it to the Super Bowl. For the first time in 16 years, we were there. We are the second best team in the NFL. But in a culture that honors and supports victory, it was a bittersweet result.

The sports writers, experts, talk show hosts and fans will be pulling at straws and testing the winds to see if they can come up with what happened. We will hear from many that this just proves that defense wins games.

To me, it seems pretty simple. One over confident team went up against a team with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our overconfidence set the stage for the Broncos to fall. And the sheer determination and grit of the Seahawks led them to victory.

We can see this in almost every competition, be it sports or business. When you go in assuming that your competition will not put up a fight, you will lose. Many businesses make these same assumptions. They see a small business off to the side and assume they won’t be able to impact their operation and then, out of nowhere, they find they have lost market share.

So what can we learn from this defeat? Quite simply, it is that the team that shows the most grit and determination will probably win. For the Broncos, I expect that they will review the game, discuss what happened and then get ready for the next season. They will take what they saw in the game and learn from it.

After all, even in defeat, you can’t stop the Broncos.

Ben Rogers is general manager of the Grand Junction Free Press. He may be reached at brogers@gjfreepress.com.

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