OUT WITH YOUR DOG: George, the friendly bar cat at Mesa Theater, receives national attention

Caitlin Row
Free Press Pet Columnist
George the Cat sits at Mesa Theater's bar with his glass of water and a paper. I love this cat!
Caitlin Row / | GFP

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I love a good bar cat.

And Grand Junction has a famous one, aptly named George, who’s received national recognition for his simply charming presence at Mesa Theater & Lounge on Main Street.

According to Mesa Theater’s owner Andrew Pittman, George was rescued from a shelter by one of his bartenders and now the cat lives at the popular Main Street watering hole.

“He’s become a local celebrity,” Pittman said. “He likes to sit at the bar and drinks water (only!) out of shot glasses.”

Mesa Theater’s Bar Manager Michelle Nelson said she adopted George about a year ago when he was a little over 1 year old.

“We had his birthday party last month so we made that his two-year birthday,” Nelson said.

George is not allowed anywhere near where drinks or food is serviced, Nelson noted, and he often sleeps in the office when the theater is busy — especially when there’s a band performing.

“We’ve had such a positive response to having a cat, especially one with such a unique personality,” Nelson said. “I think it gives us a friendly vibe and the feel of a neighborhood bar rather than just a theater. He’s definitely part of the family and we love him greatly.”

I personally have gone to Mesa Theater twice now just to visit this cute kittycat because he’s super chill and just likes to hang out with bar patrons, occasionally sauntering outside to twitch his tail at pedestrians as they pass by.

“He’s an odd cat, very social, and he doesn’t mind the crowds,” Pittman said. “We have to shut him away during shows, or he’ll go on stage.”

A recent photo of George on Huffington Post and Reddit also spurred lots of interest in Mesa Theater’s feline friend.

You may see George on Huffington Post at:

According to HP, folks came out en masse with lots of funny captions regarding a posted photo of George recently sitting at the bar with a glass of water and cat treats. I personally like: “Bartender, one meowtini please. Shaken, not purred.” Other notable captions: “Put it on my tabby” and “Bartender, I plan on drinking until I’m catatonic, or at the very least until I’m feline fine.”

So, head on over to Mesa Theater and say hello to George. Stay for a drink or two.


In other cat news, Grand Junction’s cat-only rescue shelter needs your help now.

Shelter organizers put out a call last week for public assistance regarding non-clumping cat litter, canned cat food and other kitty supplies.

“This has been a very busy spring and summer, and ‘kitten season’ seems to keep going and going,” a news release said. “Adoptions and donations are slow and C.L.A.W.S. is trying desperately to keep up with the rising costs of the 100 or so cats that are in their shelter at any given time. Along with shelter cats, C.L.A.W.S. has an extensive ‘foster home’ network that they also must supply.”

All donations are tax-deductible. Call the C.L.A.W.S. shelter for more information at 970-241-3793.



Dog fur — I’m up to my ears in it. Why my German Shepherd mix began dropping her fur at the end of the summer is beyond me, but we’re literally swimming in her undercoat at the moment.

Oh My Dog! groomer/owner Jennifer Schaffer suggests consistent brushing (think daily basis) to manage shedding for long-haired dogs.

“If you’re not brushing your dog out after you bathe it, it’s more likely for a dog to become matted,” she added.

And for those of you who keep suggesting I shave my dog (you know who you are…), Schaffer had her doubts.

“For any dog that is double-coated, if you shave it down there’s a chance that hair may not grow back the same way it used to be.”

And that’s true for German Shepherds, or any other breed of dog that’s a long-haired, sheddy beast.

“Brushing and blowing out shedding hair is a good option, instead of taking the shaving route,” Schaffer said. “People have choices. They don’t just have to have their dog shaved.”

Oh My Dog! recently opened in Grand Junction, but Schaffer has been grooming animals for close to 25 years.

“We do it all, cats and dogs large and small,” she noted.

Call Oh My Dog! at 970-986-8813. Her shop is located at 1141 N. 25th St.

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