People know what to eat — they just don’t do it |

People know what to eat — they just don’t do it

Steve Wells

Is there anyone out there who is unaware that fruits and veggies are good for them? Is there any question that you get fat by eating too much garbage? Does everyone understand that in order to get healthy, you have to eat healthy food? How do we make this stuff so complicated?

In my opinion, people know what they should eat, they just don’t actually do it. We all like the plea of ignorance when it’s about something we don’t want to do. Ignorance is just another excuse. Anyone who has children or manages people knows this. Most of us know what we should do; we just make excuses — because actually doing what we should requires effort and discomfort. Like water, we usually seek the path of least resistance — healthy or not.

The problem is that it’s difficult by design to eat healthfully in our “advanced society.” The food pyramid is literally killing us, we’re handing out pink sugar cookies at breast cancer awareness meetings, and everything about eating right and exercise is way too confusing and complicated for people to focus on.

Most of us can’t maintain any level of moderation. We usually go from one extreme to another. Information overload makes it impossible to make good choices. Extreme sells. That’s why you watch the “infotainment” news; that’s why the Kardashians exist; that’s why people rubber-neck an accident; that’s why people watch NASCAR. OK, I’m not really sure why people watch NASCAR. Maybe it’s like golf — fun to do, but horrible to watch.

Eating is a never-ending journey. Your body changes all the time. There are too many variables to follow any “diet plan.” Anybody who tells you that they have the diet answer for you is full of it. Anything extreme is just that. We are opportunistic omnivores, which means that like bears and dogs, we can survive on garbage; and some of us do quite well with this — we now live longer than ever and have the lowest birth rate ever at the same time.

Don’t freak over the freaky stuff. I sarcastically write about controversial topics because the known is boring. Even with all the conspiracy theories and controversial bloggers and the pipelines of information available to us today, we still just come right back to what we already know.

Moderation is always the best medicine.

Of course you have to make your lifestyle revolve around health to be healthy. Of course we will engage in bad behavior, because most of us are entirely human. The fish bladder in beer may just be what makes it delicious. There is no realistic way to ward off GMO frankenfood based on the nature of artificial genetic modification. Tofu burgers will not kill you — although you’ll beg for death while eating one.

Disclaimer: The author realizes that the statement “Moderation is always the best medicine,” is in fact, neither controversial nor extreme and therefore boring. True, but boring. He deeply apologizes for exposing the horrible truth about moderation.

Steve Wells is a personal trainer and co-owner of Midland Fitness. His column appears on Tuesdays.

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