Please watch out for these ‘Mothers’ of misinformation |

Please watch out for these ‘Mothers’ of misinformation

Ken Johnson
Free Press Opinion Columnist

“We only know what we know…until we know something different!”

— Dr. Page Bailey

What a strange week!

First, the Benghazi-gate hearing finally exposed one long-denied truth: Both El Presidente and Mrs. Clinton lied about what they knew and when. Gracious! Didn’t President Nixon resign for lying about Watergate? You know, that burglary where no one got killed? More to come.

Second, the IRS lied about specifically targeting more than 100 politically-conservative organizations for a couple of years? Through the election? More to come.

Third, the age of misinformation in which we all labor is starting to look like the French revolution; street rabble rising up to put the powerful in their proper place. Like headfirst into the loving embrace of the guillotine. I speak, of course, of the all-powerful internet and its offspring, the Anti-Social Networks. Whether true, false or just a joke, we can create an “Arab Spring” for just about any idea. Shoot, and we can flash up a mob in no time at all.

The problem with this instant gratification is that it, too, often comes with emotion instead of context. The newest kid on the block is (sound of bugles here!) — The Mothers Project (

Now, I for sure don’t know whose mothers they are, but they have a new national website and have leaped into action in Colorado. If it weren’t so funny it would be serious. Either way, we’ll be seeing more about them.

I mean, can we all recall the good old days when moms decided they were tired of seeing kids killed by a combination of booze and cars? So Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was founded, and because their cause was just and focused on one issue, they prevailed.

(I do have a friend who claims to be a charter member of DAMM, which is Drunks Against Mad Mothers. But that’s just rude, don’t ya know?) Could we stand some Moms Against Texting Drivers to save some lives?

Ah well, back to The Mothers Project.

They are against oil, gas, coal and cars. They want to promote “sustainable solutions,” i.e. “solar, wind, hydro and climate change.” Not that they are FOR climate change, rather they want to clean up the climate RIGHT NOW!

Oh, and they HATE fracking.

“Colorado is under assault from the oil and gas industry. As the industry moves full speed ahead with the fracking boom, residents across the state are organizing to protect their property values, way of life, health, environment, communities, and future generations from the impacts of oil and natural gas extraction.

“We are thrilled,” they say, to “build a working coalition around the globe, share information, and become a active unified force to protect children against all forms of energy destructive to the earth as well as build working coalitions and share knowledge for development of sustainable energy alternatives.”

Their “science” says fracking “releases high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. It is harmful to our health.”

Of course, they point out what we all secretly know: “Governor Hickenlooper, former Governor Ritter, state legislators, state agencies and some state environmental leaders are misguided.

“The body of evidence from scientists, economists, medical professionals and citizens who’ve been affected leaves no question about the dire impacts hydraulic fracturing poses to our health, safety, peace of mind, property values … and a healthy, sustainable future for our children.”

So there you have it. The gospel. With ZERO science, a trainload of emotional jargon, and “facts” that smell false.

Personally, I could admire the Mothers if they were to harness the Internet Gorilla on behalf of energy independence for America. Including the switch, a step at a time, to alternatives. Maybe then we wouldn’t endlessly have to buy Middle East oil for both dollars and the blood of lots of mother’s kids.

Instead, we’re going to see them in public hearings and in the streets with their signs and slogans, trying to corner the media with noise and protests and made-for-TV moments.

Your invitation to join them on BS Mountain is in the mail.

Ken is founder of the Grand Junction Free Press and former owner/publisher of The Daily Sentinel. He spends his time between the Grand Valley and California.

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