Prince Creek bike trails sabotaged with nail strips |

Prince Creek bike trails sabotaged with nail strips

Will Grandbois
A mountain biker discovered this board partially disguised by dirt and pine needles along a Prince Creek trail.
Courtesy of Colin Osborn. |

The Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association and local bike shops are urging mountain bikers in the Prince Creek area to take extra care after two nail-laden boards were found in the area Sunday.

Colin Osborn, who discovered the boards on his way up Creekside and Skillsaw trails, emphasized that they were placed on well-established routes that he has ridden without incident for over a decade.

Bureau of Land Management spokesman David Boyd confirmed that one of the boards was discovered on BLM land, while another was on a section of trail that crosses private property.

“It’s definitely something we don’t tolerate, so if anyone has any information we would like to have it,” said Boyd. He said that placing such a device would qualify as creating a nuisance and hazard and prompt a mandatory appearance in court.

Boyd added that it appears to have been an isolated incident, with no other cases reported so far.

Still, he said, “people need to be aware.”

Aloha Mountain Cyclery did its best to get the word out on Facebook. Aloha’s post with Osborn’s photo was shared nearly 100 times and prompted dozens of comments.

“This type of activity is dangerous to ALL who ride, be it bikes, horses, motorcycles or to anyone who uses our public lands,” wrote Emily Marshall.

If you have information, contact the BLM at 970-876-9000.

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