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Rapid fat loss with ketosis

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Ketosis is a new fat-loss supplement that is sweeping the nation! Its unique formula is guaranteed to burn fat around your belly, hips and thighs.

Does this sound familiar? ABC’s program “20/20” claims that Americans spend over $20 billion annually on the weight-loss industry. This includes diet books, diet drugs and weight-loss surgeries. The next two astounding stats are from the same report.

• $500,000 to $3 million = The average salaries paid to celebrity endorsers of major weight-loss programs.

• $33,000 = The amount of money celebrity endorsers, on average, earn per pound lost.

That being said, just pretend that Jillian Michaels [world’s luckiest fitness celebrity] is screaming at you as you read this and try to forget that it’s just me so you will pay attention to the information.

What is with the wave of low-carb diets? Do they work? Should I do Paleo? How the heck could I possibly reduce sugars and grain-carbs even if I wanted to. Should I be taking “Epic-Slim*” so I can look like Jillian?

Understanding how the energy systems of your body work may shed some light on your decision-making process.

I know what you’re thinking: Here comes the next unattainable and confusing diet. Consider that all the answers may be right in front of you if you can sift through the half-truths and misconceptions fed to you from the bottom of the food pyramid.

Ketosis is another mechanism or energy system the body uses for energy. A ketonic diet is a way to stimulate a healthy fat burning energy response in the body. It is also a method of reducing the need for glycolysis — burning sugar for energy that causes us all kinds of problems. You won’t believe how simple this secret, breakthrough diet is. It’s called three whole food meals per day, no snacking, and very few sweets. Wow!

Ketosis a rather simple known concept. The ketonic diet was coined by Mayo clinic doctors in the 1920s in an attempt to solve epilepsy and other similar disorders. Drugs worked for about half of the cases while the other half still suffered with symptoms. The same trend remains today with many neurologic disorders and is about the same with metabolic disorders. Drug therapy helps about half of the time, which is pretty darn good.

Some genius at Mayo thought, maybe it’s the food. How could what we eat have any effect on health? This was crazy talk! Everyone knows that we are what we eat — except when we binge eat. This means that I am a combination of coffee, ice cream, veggies, lots of “healthy” fats, protein and the more than occasional sugar binge — all within moderation of course.

Here is the quick breakdown:

Ketosis sounds scary but all it means is that the body uses fat for energy instead of sugar. Sounds awesome to me! Your body is way smarter than your brain so it has more than one energy system to rely upon. Sugar is a poor energy source and once labeled as “empty calories.” This is a great description since whole foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, fats and meat provide satiation and energy. Sugary foods give you the short-lived rush.

What makes you feel better, a meal of veggies, some meat and some fat or a bowl of processed grains followed by a piece of cake? OK, the cake sounds good, but it’s killing us and will not give you sustained energy, and it will give you a much better chance of developing a major disease like cancer and/or diabetes. Disease feeds on sugar.

Ketosis happens in the absence of glycogen in the liver. The liver can’t make glycogen without a giant pile of grains and sugar in your gut. In glycolysis, higher levels of insulin promotes the storage of body fat and blocks the release of fat from adipose tissues. In ketosis, fat reserves are readily released and used for energy.

This happens naturally overnight as you fast. This is why Brittney Glock, your nutritional voice of reason, tells you to eat less in the afternoon and evening and to avoid junk-carbs before you go to bed. This is also why every religion that I am aware of has a fasting component to it, even scientology. Periodic fasting is healthy. Not comfortable or fun, but healthy.

The bottom line: A diet much higher in good fats, tons of green veggies and a little healthy meat is the general model to follow. Of course you can argue about meat. Of course there are variations. Of course there are other things to consider. The basics are always the same, however. It’s a simple concept that is difficult to execute. Some people have to completely eliminate sugar for serious issues. Some of us can have a little bit as a treat with some discipline. I would argue that sugar is harder to resist than heroin since the addiction to sugar kills exponentially more people. I would also argue that sweets are the most addictive substances known to humans.

I can give all the boring facts and stats, but you know that this makes sense. Why would you take my word for it anyway? Just read about ketosis and glycolysis and you’ll figure it out. Once you get over the reality that you have to cut way back on sugar and grains, you’ll see results. I have never seen a human not lose fat on this kind of diet, because it is impossible.

You can rip on the Paleo diet all you want, but author Loren Cordain, Ph.D., makes a very plausible case. Certainly much better than the food pyramid, which is literally killing us, in my opinion.

We all want the instant, effortless, miracle method to getting ripped because life will be so much better if we could all look like figure-model-freaks. My advice is to master the basics first, then add drugs, surgery and supplements.

*Disclaimer: “Epic-Slim” is not a real product. It only exists is Steve’s imagination. However, he will rush you a bottle of this guaranteed, patented, clinically tested fat-burning product if you first send him $33,000 for every pound that you want to lose.

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