REBUTTAL: We are patriots, not Neanderthal |

REBUTTAL: We are patriots, not Neanderthal

Claudette Konola’s Free Press opinion column (July 12) on “Gun-Landia” was an insult to freedom-loving Americans everywhere. According to her article, those who honor America’s founding principles are “Neanderthal, hot-headed gun nuts” believing “the only important issue is how many bullets one can carry on one’s body.” Her article was not only a gross misrepresentation, but her brand of collectivist propaganda is dangerous.

Americans are free only because the founding fathers of this country risked and gave their lives “dissolving the political bands” connecting them to a distant, tyrannical king. With time, every educationally diluted generation has learned less and less about how American blood was shed securing every freedom we now enjoy.

Those in the ivory towers of Denver and Washington and their minions like Ms. Konola want politically ignorant Americans. They sell us tales of a friendly, beautiful society where we will again be ruled by those in power. Ask the Soviets, the Cubans or the North Koreans if they prefer socialism to freedom! It should come as no surprise that insiders who seek to benefit from the power of increased legislation are attacking anyone helping to further the cause of liberty.

Thankfully, we are not alone. Nearly all Colorado County Sheriffs have joined in a lawsuit against gun “control” statutes in defense of the people. Laws such as the 15-round magazine ban do nothing to stop drug cartels, gangsters, meth-dealers, or other criminals from obtaining these weapons. Instead they only leave the “good guys” more vulnerable. The utter failure of citizen disarmament legislation in Chicago, Washington D.C., or Mexico (as evidenced by the massive gun crime in these “gun-free zones”) is lost on those who believe they can legislate utopia into creation. When statistics don’t support one’s dogma, at least Ms. Konola can always call her opponents Neanderthals.

Ms. Konola would have you believe that anyone investigating secession is solely obsessed with the destruction of Second Amendment. She would love to ignore that people are rebelling against the very real erosion of every right and freedom protected in America’s founding documents. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of peaceful dissent, the right to a trial before being labeled “terrorist” and killed by a drone or indefinitely imprisoned, the right to make health care decisions for one’s own family, as well as financial independence and energy independence are all driving talk of secession from numerous representatives across Colorado.

Over 50% of Colorado’s annual budget comes from a vastly over-extended federal government. By D.C.’s own admission, the gravy train cannot continue. In order to discourage open minds from considering the options available to the very people who drive Colorado’s economic engine, Ms. Konola again resorts to fear mongering. She warns how the sky would fall if the commoners dared to consider coloring outside the lines of Washington D.C.’s rule. Big Government’s propagandists are standing by to remind the serfs that without the wise dominion of a powerful, centralized government, all abundance will be destroyed by invading hordes and unknown forces. Unfortunately for them, western Colorado is awake to the reality that abundance really comes from the freedom to produce, freedom to sell, freedom to choose, freedom to be.

While Ms. Konola is “happy with Colorado government just the way it is,” the large majority of western Coloradoans do not share her breezy contentment. Her landslide defeat years ago in her bid to become state senator should be a reminder that western Colorado prefers a free America to the false promises of “hope and change.” Thank God that the insider, special interests seeking to benefit from increased government might and regulation must contend with those who understand what freedom, patriotism and the spirit of America is all about.

Jeff McCloskey is the president of the Mesa County Patriots. More information can be found at

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