Rescue dogs visit Bridges High School |

Rescue dogs visit Bridges High School

Colleen O’Neil

Last week, Garfield County Search and Rescue dogs successfully located two lost students from Bridges High School.

Well, kind of. The kids were hiding in the field next to the school, and the dogs were part of a demonstration put on by the Mount Sopris Recreational Riders snowmobile club.

The club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that does a lot more than snowmobiling. It was a major developer of the Sunlight to Powderhorn trail system, 100 miles of which club members maintain year-round. They also plan on- and off-season activities for the development and maintenance of other winter-use trails in the area. Also, they strive to provide members and non-members with education about trail use and safety.

On March 19, the Recreational Riders teamed up with members of Garfield County Search and Rescue to educate students at Bridges High School about outdoor safety and the role of dogs in finding people lost in the wilderness.

They brought three dogs along and explained how the dogs are trained to sniff people out. Then they had three kids hide.

Each dog was given a sock to smell, and then they were released into the field to find the correct person. When the dogs found their mark, they barked and wagged their tails with glee.

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