Research your family’s roots during Family Heritage Month |

Research your family’s roots during Family Heritage Month

The Garfield County Libraries have resources to help you research your family’s roots during Family Heritage Month.
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Have you ever been curious about your roots or where your family came from? All of us have a history, many of which take twists and turns and go back beyond what our families can remember. Uncovering the mystery of your personal history can be a daunting, seemingly out-of-reach challenge. The Garfield County Libraries have many resources to help you take small steps to unearthing details on that elusive great-great-great uncle or your grandmother’s sixth cousin twice-removed who frequently moved around.

From books outlining the intricacies of proper genealogy research and building family trees with your children to searchable online resources, we can help you get started.

MyHeritage Library Edition is a comprehensive, easy-to-use online research tool that is available to library cardholders from the comfort of your home computer or at the library. When searching for an individual person, simply type in as much information as possible (i.e. name, date of birth, city/state) and MyHeritage searches birth, death and marriage records from 48 countries, the complete U.S. and U.K. censuses, immigration, military and tombstone records and more than 2 billion family tree profiles.

Additionally, visit any of the six Garfield County Libraries to use Library Edition, the world’s largest online family history resource. Get started discovering your family’s story at

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