Silt’s Karla Bagley declares Garfield County treasurer candidacy |

Silt’s Karla Bagley declares Garfield County treasurer candidacy

Karla Bagley
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SILT — Karla Bagley of Silt, a longtime employee of the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office, has announced her intentions to seek the Republican nomination to run for Garfield County Treasurer next year.

“I have committed to a career in public administration, it’s what I’ve been doing for a long time, and this is kind of the next step for me in my career,” said Bagley, who moved from her native Eagle to Silt Mesa with her husband, Silt native Tim Bagley, two years ago.

Current Garfield County Treasurer Georgia Chamberlain, a Democrat who has held the post for several consecutive terms since the 1980s, was not available Tuesday for comment on whether she has plans at this early stage to seek re-election next year.

The treasurer’s office will be one of several elected Garfield County offices up for election in November 2014, including the sheriff, clerk and recorder, assessor, coroner, surveyor and the District 1 seat on the Board of County Commissioners.

The two major parties typically begin their nominating process for county and state offices in the late winter or early spring of a general election year.

Bagley said she has been announcing her candidacy in several places recently to get her name out, and has already filed her paperwork with the Garfield County Clerk’s Office.

Bagley grew up in Eagle and graduated from Eagle Valley High School. She started working as a deputy public trustee in the Eagle County Treasurer/Public Trustees Office in 1989.

She then moved with her family in 1994 to Washington state, where she was busy raising children and eventually went to work as an administrator for the Community Action Center, a nonprofit agency serving Whitman County, Wash., in 2001.

She and her husband have six children and four grandchildren.

“During my time in Washington state, I also had the opportunity to begin my studies in political science at Washington State University, where I am currently finishing a bachelor’s degree,” Bagley said.

They moved back to Eagle in 2005, and the following year she had the opportunity to go back to work for longtime Eagle County Treasurer Karen Sheaffer as chief deputy public trustee.

“My expertise lies in the operation and management of the Treasurer/Public Trustees office, which includes interpreting and applying the Colorado State Statutes governing these offices in the most consistent, fiscally responsible manner,” Bagley said in a statement announcing her candidacy.

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