Silt’s roundabout sculpture takes flight |

Silt’s roundabout sculpture takes flight

Silt Town Administrator Pamela Woods, Garfield County Commissioner John Martin, Trustee Aron Diaz and Mayor Rick Aluise are on hand to welcome the new sculpture in the town's north roundabout.
Alex Zorn / Post Independent |

After years of controversy and repeated vandalism, the sculpture at the north roundabout in Silt was replaced on Saturday as two bright blue herons now sit in the center of downtown.

The old statue had been there since 2009, but had irked some residents for years because of a naked rock climber on one side of the statue. It will move to the town’s water plant where it can still be seen from Interstate 70.

Mayor Rick Aluise said that the Colorado Department of Transportation did not like the old statue because it obstructed drivers’ view.

The cost of the centerpiece replacement was $8,000, paid for through the town’s beautification fund, which is collected through hotel and campgrounds fees.

Back in 2015, Silt changed its logo to one with a heron after much public input and months of discussion. In fact, Town Administration Pamela Woods said that the town sought design suggestions from students at Coal Ridge High School.

“The blue heron is an indigenous species to Silt,” Aluise said at the unveiling. “It is the new logo for the town’s rebranding.”

The new centerpiece can be found at the roundabout at Main and 9th streets in downtown Silt.

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