Smoke not from local fires |

Smoke not from local fires

The smoke that moved into the Colorado River corridor over the long weekend and persisted Tuesday is not from local fire activity, but comes from fires in the Pacific Northwest, the National Weather Service confirmed.

Several large fires have consumed thousands of acres in northern California and Oregon, an area that has borne the brunt of this fire season. The three largest active fires are the South Fork Complex, Happy Camp Complex and July Complex, all in excess of 40,000 acres.

Weather service forecasters said the wind here is expected to shift, clearing haze from the area by Thursday and possibly as soon as Wednesday.

Fire danger remains high in most of Nevada and California, and parts of Oregon, Utah and Arizona. More moderate danger is forecast for most of the central Rockies, although a red flag warning has also been issued for sections of southern Wyoming.

Colorado in general and western Colorado in particular have had a very mild fire season, with the largest fire in the Upper Colorado management unit being just 30 acres back in June.

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