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Teens clashed with police on game night last Friday

A series of underage drinking arrests resulted in mounting tension between police and a large crowd of teenagers last Friday, the night of the big football game between Glenwood and Rifle, ultimately causing Glenwood Police to call in assistance from other agencies.

The evening kicked off with three underage drinking citations issued at the game itself at Stubler Memorial Field. According to the police report, a staff member noticed a trio of girls passing a water bottle around and confiscated it. All three submitted to a breath test, and two of them tested presumptive positive for elevated blood alcohol. One of the girls’ mother arrived but refused to sign the summons, cursing at the officer and inquiring “don’t you have anything better to do than mess with a 14-year-old?”

After Glenwood’s 20-13 loss to Rifle, things got worse.

Around 9 p.m., police received a report that a group of teenagers might be starting a fight. The presumed location was Moe’s Southwest Grill, where more than 100 teens had gathered after the game.

At 9:22, an officer noticed a youth try to ditch a beer can under the tire of a parked car, according to another police report. The teen attempted to flee when confronted, and was chased down on foot. He consented to a portable breath test, but didn’t blow hard enough to trigger it. He was arrested for underage possession of alcohol and obstructing a peace officer.

Twenty minutes later, another teen caught police attention by screaming obscenities at an officer, according to another pair of reports. Observing that the teen had bloodshot eyes, exhibited poor dexterity and gave off the odor of alcohol, an officer attempted to arrest him. The teen resisted being handcuffed, and police reports indicate that several people in the crowd encouraged him to resist. He was ultimately removed from the crowd and subdued by a pair of officers. A partly empty bottle of whisky was found in his backpack, and he was arrested for underage possession of alcohol and obstructing a peace officer.

A third teen was detained when he refused to comply with a request to stand back while filming the scene with his cell phone. He consented to a portable breath test, and was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol.

Police judged the situation to be “a very serious safety risk.”

“Do to the size and aggressive nature of the crowd, I called for emergency help from other agencies,” wrote one officer. Rifle Police and the Garfield County Sheriff ultimately responded, but no more arrests were made.

“It’s a pretty disappointing set of circumstances,” said Glenwood Police Chief Terry Wilson.

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