Troublesome tom or trustworthy turkey? |

Troublesome tom or trustworthy turkey?

Will Grandbois

Folks in north Glenwood Springs differ on whether the wild tom turkey who has taken up residence in the neighborhood is a welcome addition.

Though he hasn’t caused any serious injury, he chases cars, perches on roofs, glares at passersby and tries to converse with the local pets.

“Frankly, he’s a nuisance — he chases cars; he chases people,” said Laurel Henderson. “I want to know when he’s going back to his natural environment, which is not Pine Street.”

“We like him,” countered Darrell Stanley. “He’s scared of people, but he likes cars.”

Stanley affectionately refers to the turkey as “Dudley” and his short-lived companion as “Isabel,” but the tom has almost as many names as there are residents of the neighborhood.

To Greg Bocker, he’s “Lonely Tom.”

“We feel a bit sorry for him,” Bocker said. “He had a lady friend for a while, but she left. He must have said something.”

At the Hotel Colorado, where he’s made himself known to recruits, he’s known as Torrence.

“We just laugh about him,” said Caitlin Hernandez.

By any name, Lonely Tom is well-known to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“We are closely monitoring the situation,” said PIO Mike Porras. “If someone felt that this turkey was aggressive, we’d try to capture it and move it away from the community. For now, we’re just asking people to stay away from it and not to feed it.”

District Wildlife Manager Dan Cacho suspects food may be one of the reasons Tom’s sticking around.

“We have turkeys in city limits or close to city limits all around Glenwood, but typically they try to find other turkeys, so it’s a little unusual,” he said.

Barring someone trying to provoke or poach the turkey, Cacho doesn’t think it will be an issue.

“I’m not too worried about him as long as people remember that he is a wild animal,” he said. “After mating season, around mid-May, he’ll probably just mosey on up the hill with the rest of the turkeys.”

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