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Unencumbered relationships are more likely to thrive

You can improve your love life at home. Here’s how: Ongoing homemaking is vital to creating intentional space for love to flourish. One of the principal reasons for this is quite simple — most people don’t enjoy cleaning up (duh).

The fact is that a clean and organized kitchen is much easier to keep clean and organized. You know this from experience. I work with clients who could not clean if they wanted to, simply because there’s just too much clutter. Over time, that can become a significant detriment to a peaceful lifestyle, and loving relationships often suffer for it.

Interiors void of clutter (where the contents of each space are thoughtfully put away) are easier to manage, easier to keep clean, easier to keep organized, easier to access — and enjoy. Items are easier to find. Typically, there’s more room to enjoy the space, unfettered by what I call the too much. Those spaces are light — airy, uplifting, welcoming, inspiring — and promote a sense of calm rather than agitation. This sets the stage for engaging calmly and peacefully with others. Uncluttered spaces are naturally more inviting for intimacy. They require less maintenance, providing more time and space for deeply meaningful connection. Clean and organized, free from the detritus of life, these spaces evoke cooperation, collaboration and communication. When couples are unencumbered to freely engage with one another without the distraction and agitation of the mess — relationships have a greater chance to succeed.

The second important reason why relationships have a greater opportunity to thrive in uncluttered spaces: Time. The trouble is, there’s simply not enough time for most people to reasonably feel inspired to clear out, clean up, and get organized on a regular enough basis to stay on top of it all. In addition to the regular daily grind, unexpected things come up that pull us away from the chores associated with tidying up. Life happens. We focus on our work. We want to spend time with our families. We go out of town. We work out. We study. We play. Sometimes we get sick. Loved ones pass and we grieve. If we’re lucky, we find time to sleep. Exhausted, we procrastinate the work of keeping our spaces clutterfree — because it becomes overwhelming. Clean and tidy kitchens are easier to keep clean and tidy — and that routine maintenance literally creates time.

The third important reason why relationships flourish in uncluttered spaces is a bit more conceptual, and that has to do with how we behave in our environment. People tend to be more motivated towards eating healthfully, exercising regularly and focusing on personal development and wellness when they reside in consistently inspiring spaces. Feng shui is heavily focused on energy — and the flow of energy. When our things stagnate, our lives stagnate. Maintain your spaces and you continuously move things through your space and out of your life as needed. You bring more intention to what is needed, how it is stored, and how it will be used and enjoyed. People who cannot find their running shoes are less likely to be inspired to exercise. People who don’t have access to their kitchen counters are more likely to eat fast food. People encumbered by messy floors are less likely to roll out a yoga mat. When the dining room table is covered with stuff, it is less inspiring to sit down for a family meal. Piles of laundry on the bed do not inspire romance. How we interact with our space (and each other) is significantly impeded by the stuff in our way.

Clutter is a metaphor; neglect it and things tend to fester. When you purge the old, organize the essential, and refresh to make room for the present (and the new) — you set the stage for peaceful, intentional relationships that thrive — unencumbered.

Evan Zislis is author of the bestselling book “ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World” and “Aphrodisiac: Clearing the Cluttered Path to Epic Love, Great Sex & Relationships that Last.” He is founder and principal consultant of http://www.MyIntentionalSolutions.com. For more information, like ClutterFree Revolution on Facebook, call 970-366-2532, or email Evan@MyIntentionalSolutions.com.

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