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Ursa installing battlement pipeline to ease truck traffic

To lessen the impact of oil and gas operations on the roads and the Battlement Mesa community, Ursa Resources has begun to install a temporary surface pipeline for recycled water, 6,217 feet of which will be within the residential area boundaries.

The pipeline was approved Monday by the Garfield County commissioners, and once installed, is estimated to save 150 truck trips per day. Installation is expected to take three weeks.

“Moving produced water from pad to pad will allow for efficient recycling of produced water to reduce the amount of fresh water,” said Ursa Resources Operations Regulatory Manager Jennifer Lind.

Ursa Resources owns mineral rights under the 5,000-person community and last year won Garfield County and state approval to drill for natural gas inside the Battlement Mesa Planned Unit Development. Since that time, Ursa has been working to mitigate its impact on the community whenever possible.

The B&V Temporary Water Pipeline will connect sections of the Planned Unit Development to the Tompkins Pad and will transport produced water for recycling between Ursa’s B&V Pad and Tompkins Pad, thereby eliminating all the truck traffic currently used for transport.

According to Ursa Resources Operations Superintendent Matt Honeycutt, Ursa will not require any new bores to be dug and the installation will cause little to no surface disturbance. Personnel will be on-site around the clock to observe, monitor and record all water movement while the pipeline is in operation.

A three-year operation period was requested.

“This is what we’d like to see,” Commissioner Tom Jankovsky said, before moving to approve the proposal. “To cut down traffic is important. I’m comfortable with this application.”

The motion was approved unanimously.

“I feel comfortable, but their safety still needs to be maintained,” Commissioner John Martin added. “Pressure testing needs to be done. Monitoring needs to be done. This is a high residential area and we definitely want safety first.”

Ursa must meet multiple conditions before beginning installation within the PUD. Those changes are expected to be addressed and submitted for approval by the board’s meeting Monday.

Installation within the PUD is expected to begin as early as next Tuesday.

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