Veterans: Letter from the director, Veterans Health Care System in Grand Junction |

Veterans: Letter from the director, Veterans Health Care System in Grand Junction

To our veterans and their families,

It has been seven months since I assumed my position as the director of the Grand Junction VA Medical Center and a lot has happened since then, both locally and at the nation level. In that time, we have made a lot of progress at the medical center to adjust to those changes. But much remains to be done if we are going to meet the developing needs of our veterans and their families over the next few years.

As you know, right now the Veterans Health Care system is much like a complex patient who is on the road to recovery, but who still needs a lot of attention.

To stay on that road, we continue to make changes in the treatment program and some of those changes can be uncomfortable. But make them we will.

Many of those treatments are based on:

• Transparency

• Accountably

• Responsibility

Of those three, the toughest is maintaining transparency, while at the same time protecting our patients’ privacy. The two are often difficult to balance, but patient privacy will always have priority.

Accountability and responsibility, although closely related, have separate roles and one cannot be successful without the other.

Think of it as a treatment regime, where you need three medications working together to cure the patient. One alone will not do it.

Again, I assure you, we are on the right path to a full recovery. We have taken several internal actions ranging from reorganizing some of our services to adding staff members to key activities. We have also moved two of our satellite clinics to better locations and strengthened our Quality and Safety Program by adding a position to our senior leadership team. This will ensure quality and safety go beyond being a part of what we do; it will become ingrained into who we are.

And while it may seem a small thing, we have also taken on a new name, The Grand Junction Veterans Health Care System, to reflect the addition of our clinics in Montrose, Craig, Glenwood Springs and Moab over the past years.

If we are going to be successful, we need your participation — and I ask now that you do your part.

Come to town halls when they are in your area.

Contact your county veteran service officers so they can speak with a united voice on your behalf.

Get involved with veterans service organizations in your area so you can help set their priorities.

Write your elected officials so they know your thoughts and can make informed decisions.

And finally, don’t forget to let us know about your concerns and compliments. Please feel free to write me a letter at the address below, or talk to one of our patient advocates anytime you are in the medical center. You can also ask for an appointment with our patient safety office. There are a lot of communication venues available to you. Please use them.

Thank you for your time, and your service to our nation.


Marc Magill, M.S.

Director, Grand Junction

Veterans Health Care System.

2121 North Ave.

Grand Junction, CO 81501

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