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What would your body like?

What is wellness with your body?

That’s a good question and one that has taken me nearly 40 years of study and practical experience to explore. I’ve discovered that I no longer have the answers. I have only questions.

You have only one body in this lifetime. Wellness is being willing to enjoy the relationship you could create with your body.

If you are in a relationship, do you like to be told what to do or do you like to be invited to share your point of view and your knowing? What if your body has something to contribute that you’ve never considered before? If you let your body talk to you, what would it say? Would you be willing to listen?

The truth is that no one likes to be told what to do, as if being directed by a mean dictator, and yet somehow when it comes to the body, often people think that it works to direct orders at your body as if that’s the way to create your body’s health and wellness. How does that work for you and your body?

What if you could ask your body what it would like to eat, what it would like to do every day, and what it could create with you?

Would you be willing to allow that as a possibility?

Is that lighter?

I know it sounds crazy, but try it. What do you have to lose?

I’ve discovered there is no one right answer when it comes to the body’s health and wellness. Just like life, there is no one right answer. There is an ebb and flow to the multitude of possibilities available to you and your body. The body is an ever-changing organism that literally regenerates itself in its entirety every seven years. Every second, 10,000 cells die, while 10,000 new cells are being born. That means that you could have a new body, new bones, new blood, a new point of view, and new outlook on life every seven years. If you were truly willing to enjoy the change in your body, what could you create?

Most of us have been taught to resist the changes in our body. We resist weight gain, getting older, going through the hormonal changes that life and age have to offer us. What if it was just as simple as waking up in the morning when the weather changes and asking your body, what do you want to wear?

The relationship you have with your body could be one of joy and appreciation. Imagine if you woke up every day and truly gave your body the energy of gratitude for everything it has done for you? What if you knew more about your body than anyone else. Everything has value: doctors, medicine, aspirin, massage, alternative therapies — they all have value.

Wellness is about discovering what serves in the moment, and knowing that like the weather, it could change every day.

Katherine McIntosh of Glenwood Springs has worked with performance artists, coaches and healers from all over the world to help them awaken to their best and brightest selves. She wrote the foreword to the new book “The Energy of Expansion” available on Amazon and bookstores online everywhere. Find out more at http://www.KatherineMcIntosh.com.

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