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Look at the real threats

Dear Editor,

“The real threats: poverty, children without healthcare, broken families, financially struggling single mothers, fathers who refuse child support payments, households with abusive parents.”

On the surface, absolutely. But…why?

Aside from the usual call to increase services and their requisite financial entitlements, are we willing to rethink our current approach and address the root causes for Mr. Sundin’s “threats to family and stability?” He has identified consequences. Can we identify their source and concurrently address, without prejudice, the core “values” that enable those threats?

We have inherent societal obligations to all of our children; they are never to blame for parental decisions, but our band-aid methods are long after the fact and hamstrung by a myriad of regulation; all a legal reaction to social systems abuse.

Until as a society we take on the “enlightened philosophies” (that enable and entitle the protected behaviors, attitudes and victim mentalities) that make absolution from guilt possible for the reprehensible and their values that endanger families, we will never make a serious dent in the problems that threaten the family. Isn’t a tree still known by its fruit; an enlightenment by its outcome?

The age-old abuses, sex, drugs and alcohol, along with the “sins of the fathers” (that foster generational cycles), lay at the core of most family dysfunction and child abuse. More recently, the back door provided for “integrity-challenged men” by our enlightened abortion stance has done nothing to improve the lot of women and their children; it often provides a first solution of convenience…for men. Many a woman just cannot bring herself to it, “Pill” or otherwise. Enter poverty and often…depression. These three issues have long been identified in the Human Services field, 160 years and counting; it may surprise some that their effect on family stability has been documented just as long.

For a nation that has legally abandoned the Faith that historically underpinned its values, the solutions will not be simple, perhaps impossible; but… as we insist on providing band-aids and compassion, will we also address the moral and spiritual incoherence that makes them necessary?

Probably not.

Eric Pedersen

Glenwood Springs

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