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Looking for a few good citizens

Dear Editor,I think it’s safe to say that most of us have a great appreciation of the environment. Some may love the recreational opportunities, while others may thrive on the ‘wild’ aspect of wilderness. And here in Glenwood, our livelihood depends upon the natural environment.The caverns sell the experience of cave formations. The pool sells the warmth of the hot springs. The rafting companies depend on the not-so-predictable flows of our rivers. And we’ve learned that these environments upon which our economy depends, are incredibly fragile.Life would be a little easier if we had sole control of these environments. As we all know, the Earth’s environment isn’t that simple. It’s a balloon; push it here and it bulges there. Nowadays, someone’s water use in Denver, or electricity use in Texas affects our way of life.The good news is progress is happening. The creative thinkers and entrepreneurs are discovering more efficient fuels, cleaner technology and less toxic ingredients. And since cities are the largest consumers of goods and services worldwide, improving on how cities manage the environment is an ideal place to implement this progress.I would like to find a way to integrate these advancements into the city’s policies and procedures. To do so, I am creating a team of citizens willing to invest some time and thought into the process of creating a more sustainable future. Consider this letter your invitation to participate. Please call me at 928-0141, or e-mail me at dan@sdconcepts.net for more information.Dan RichardsonGlenwood Springs City Council memberGlenwood Springs

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