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Lost election should be a hint for Dalessandri

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the article in the Nov. 7 edition about Garfield County Sheriff Tom Dalessandri.

He says that he is thinking about running for a higher office. I have some advice for him. Tom, with all due respect, do not do it here, you will lose.

We, the people of Garfield County, will not forget the day you showed up at the hostage situation behind Silt in shorts with no gun. We will not forget your unprofessional appearance.

We, the citizens of Battlement Mesa, will not forget the complete lack of response that we received from your office. I called one night to report a situation involving youth and alcohol, and no one even showed up, let alone called us back.

We will not forget the times we called to report serious situations, such as the day I reported a drunk driver in a commercial vehicle to you, and the dispatcher told me that she could not get anyone to respond.

Your comments in the Grand Junction paper about kicking butt were completely unprofessional, and just go to show how little you care about people, all you care about is your image. And you have insulted all of us who are Republicans. You are not on the road to making friends and influencing people. The fact that you lost the election is a hint. Please do us all a favor and listen to it.

Do all of us a favor and truly look at what it means to be a servant. You did not serve us, you bragged about everything that you allegedly did for us. Do us a favor, Tom, don’t do us anymore favors!

Shannon R. Gerdel


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