Lots of fun things to do around Glenwood Springs with — or for — mom on Mother’s Day … even if you missed out on that brunch reservation | PostIndependent.com

Lots of fun things to do around Glenwood Springs with — or for — mom on Mother’s Day … even if you missed out on that brunch reservation

An Exquisite Design owner Dawn Ellis works on Mother's Day flower arrangements at her shop in downtown New Castle.
Chelsea Self/Post Independent

Many Glenwood Springs-area mothers get a bonus day in their honor every year when Mother’s Day rolls around.

That’s because, in addition to the traditional U.S. Mother’s Day that takes place on the second Sunday every May, Mexican Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10 each year, regardless of the day of the week.

So, many Latina mothers in the Roaring Fork Valley and Garfield County get all the attention spread over several days instead of just one, said Jasmin Ramirez of Glenwood Springs.

“The matriarchs in our families are incredibly important,” said Ramirez, a local Latino community advocate and mother herself who serves on the Roaring Fork District school board.

“If mom says we’re going hiking, or we’re going to church, or we’re going out to eat, or we’re doing an art project, it doesn’t matter how old we are as kids, she comes first, and we prioritize her,” Ramirez said.

The traditions are pretty much the same, though typical to Latino culture families might go all out with a big party, wear their nicest clothes and maybe even have some traditional live music.

“Some of my fondest memories as a child are of my father buying roses or a small ornament for my mom on Mother’s Day,” Ramirez said. “And here we get to celebrate moms on multiple days.”

Flowers for mom

An Exquisite Design owner Dawn Ellis works on Mother's Day flower arrangements at her shop in downtown New Castle.
Chelsea Self/Post Independent

Dawn Ellis owns An Exquisite Design floral shop in New Castle. She said Mother’s Day is easily a close second to Valentine’s Day in terms of being a big holiday for flower purchases.

Because of the multi-day nature of the celebration in western Colorado and other places with a large Latino population, it might even be bigger, Ellis said.

“Mother’s Day gets kind of stretched throughout the week, and with Mexican Mother’s Day on Tuesday it will definitely carry over into next week,” she said.

When it comes to flower arrangements, Mother’s Day usually signals a shift in preference away from the reds and burgundies of the Christmas holiday and Valentine’s Day to springy colors — tulips, iris, snap dragons, lilies and various pastels.

As for flower-centric holidays, Ellis said she often prefers the Mother’s Day anecdotes that go with being a floral designer.

Like the teen-aged son who remembers to get flowers for mom on Mother’s Day, or the kids all getting together to do something special for her.

“I’m a mother, and I actually left my previous job to become a florist when my second baby was born because it was easier to work from home and raise kids at the same time,” Ellis said. “Most moms do work, and I just love the many ways to recognize mothers who do wear multiple hats.

“And these last two years it’s become even more important for us to see the joy that flowers bring to the recipient,” she said. “I always got just as much if not more joy delivering the flowers and seeing their reactions, as making the arrangements.”

Other ways to spoil mom

A big Mother’s Day tradition is taking mom out for Sunday brunch, but by now most reservations for the more popular brunch venues such as the Hotel Colorado and Redstone Inn are already booked.

That’s not to say the ones that do walk-up business aren’t an option for eating out if you don’t mind the wait — including the area’s many Mexican restaurants.

Honoring mom can also be as simple as cooking a big meal at home, or helping out in the yard or doing a home project of some sort, said Lisa Langer, Glenwood Springs tourism director.

“I told my own sons, don’t buy me anything, I just want you to work on getting the yard less weedy,” she said.

When it comes to the more tangible gifts, though, potted plants or flowers are always a good bet, Langer said.

And when it comes to taking mom out for the day, Glenwood Springs’ many attractions, from a trip up the gondola to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, to a soak in the hot springs, to a bike ride on the Rio Grande Trail or a hike, are all good options, she said.

“Take her up on the gondola to look at the views and have a drink, and maybe go through the caverns. It’s just such a beautiful place and underappreciated by the local population,” Langer said.

“A nice soak in one of the hot springs is a real treat, whether it’s on Mother’s Day or getting her a certificate for later. Or maybe a facial at the Vapor Caves or one of the other spas,” she said. “Just a walk downtown to check out the stores is fun, too.”

Even though the Redstone Inn brunch buffet is booked solid for Mother’s Day, Redstone in general is a good place to take mom, said Alice Kanniff, who works the front desk at the Redstone Inn.

“Our grill is open at 5 p.m., so some people like that as an option instead of the brunch,” she said, adding the brunch typically serves over 200 people on Mother’s Day.

Before or after, Kanniff suggested taking the self-guided tour up and down Redstone Boulevard to check out the historic buildings and the various shops.

“The park is right on the Crystal River and is always a nice place to hang out,” she said. “There’s also a nice trail up behind the houses on the east side of town that makes for a good hike.”

Other good day hike options in the area — whether with mom or for dad to get the kids out of the house and give mom some space — include Grizzly Creek and the Jess Weaver trails in Glenwood Canyon, Red Mountain and the Wulfsohn trails in Glenwood, Red Hill in Carbondale and the Colorow trail system in New Castle.

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