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Lott should be given chance to hang himself

Fred Stewart

Dear Editor,

I believe I have seen everything now. The hypocrisy of Congress. What a bunch of duffs. Does it matter what party? I’d love to come in partisan, but what party is above denouncing politically incorrect speech? Congress is false to itself if it doesn’t allow Trent Lott enough rope to hang himself. He was passing on bravado at an old man’s hundredth birthday. Strom Thurmond is a reformed segregationist. Were the racial views of Thurmond overtly praised? The dream of attaining the presidency has always exceeded Thurmond; it was a close as he would ever come.

It’s a good thing that Thurmond wasn’t elected. Is anyone going to tell a hundred-year-old that one of his greatest efforts in life was a sham? Flattering praise is a moot point but one that should have gotten no further than Thurmond’s ears.

It was said that Lott “spoke from his mind, not his heart.” How bad is that? He spoke from his heart. The problem was he didn’t temper his remarks with any philosophy like: “As defenders of the Old South’s paternal ways, we believed that racial diversity is best represented in separate, but equal societies. Unfortunately, this has proved impractical. Intercourse between the races is inevitable, and has proved that natural selection provides a greater diversity of life.”

Lott should have the chance to live this sentiment among his peers. Let him try. I can hear strains of Dixie. Once in a while I put on the now-politically-discontinued Disney tape of Joel Chandler Harris’ “Song of the South” and enjoy among other things, the Academy Award winning song of 1946, “Zippity Doodah.” How sad, Mr. Bluebird!

This is the kind of stuff that stops dialogue and true epiphanies. It’s not unlike tactics of Bolsheviks, Red Guards, National Socialists and Fascists. The bar has been raised, and Trent Lott, like Saddam Hussein, better jump it or hang. Pray the jury is still out.

Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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