Love not always kind on Valentine’s |

Love not always kind on Valentine’s

For some valley guys and gals, Valentine’s Day is to love as a chocolate-covered cashew is to a person with a nut allergy.”I proposed to my ex-wife on Valentine’s Day and you can see where that ended,” said Tony Taylor of Aspen. “Never make a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day. It’s overrated.”The romantic holiday may be lucrative for greeting card companies and floral shops, but Feb. 14 does not always come up smelling like roses.”Our Valentine’s Day always ended in disaster. It was doomed from the beginning,” Taylor said. “I always bought the wrong gift.”Taylor said often times the pressure alone of making Valentine’s Day perfect can foil the holiday for lovers.”It’s good to plan ahead and make reservations early, but if not, it can be spontaneous combustion,” he said.According to the History Channel, which on Monday will air a program on the Mafia’s infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, there is more to the holiday than fluttering hearts and red roses. The channel’s Web site indicated that St. Valentine sent the first-ever “valentine” greeting to himself. Legend has it that while behind bars, he fell for a visiting girl (possibly his jailer’s daughter) and wrote her a letter before he died signed, “From your Valentine.”Whether or not this dark version of Valentine’s Day is true, the fact is, many couples struggle with the right gift to give on Feb. 14. Taylor suggested people do a little research before they shop.”I once bought flowers for a girl who was allergic to this flower filler in the planter. She had to throw them out,” he said. “And if you are thinking about getting chocolates and they have nuts in them, make sure the person doesn’t have nut allergies. It can end very badly.”If so, just don’t sign the card “From your Valentine.”Contact April E. Clark: 945-8515, ext.

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