Love your dog, and use a leash |

Love your dog, and use a leash

Sharon Haller

Dear Editor,

There is a leash law that applies within the city limits of Glenwood Springs.

Traditionally these laws were designed to prevent roaming, unsupervised dogs from becoming “packs” that could threaten wildlife.

In the current climate, however, these laws have evolved into protective measures for the very animals they sought to control.

During the afternoon and evening rush hours, when it is a challenge for some of our commuters to adhere to the speed limits or stop at stop signs, the danger for an unleashed dog moves from “yellow” to “orange.” Drivers and passengers of the commuting vehicles are also in danger if dogs are out walking but not on a leash.

In my view, as a dog owner and a member of the board of directors of Colorado Animal Rescue, it is not only dangerous but also irresponsible to allow our four-legged pals to navigate the perils of car traffic without a guiding hand on the other end of a leash!

There are times and places for our dogs to run free, but not on sidewalks or pathways adjacent to busy streets. And no matter how well-trained or how well-behaved our dogs are normally, who can ever know what might make them bolt in front of a moving vehicle?

Just like you would walk and hold the hand of a small child to prevent injury, please love your dog enough to walk with a leash. It can spare a lot of heartache.


Sharon Haller

Colorado Animal Rescue

Glenwood Springs

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