Make them pay for ill-gotten gains |

Make them pay for ill-gotten gains

Dear Editor,


Workers of the valley unite!

We have been invaded by the rich. Not just the rich we have always known and served, but the rich of “ill gotten gains”: the people who have robbed the stock portfolios of investors and also the retirements of our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends who actually graduated from college – believers in the integrity of the system. I admit that I am somewhat out of the loop.

Comrades, I have an insidious way to fight back. Refuse to do service for these people. Or because there are those among us struggling with huge house payments (rent or higher taxes -guess why) charge these people up the nose.

Names like Nacchio, Lay, Winnich, Conway, you know the names. Read the business/financial section of the paper. Educate your Hispanic brothers and sisters. Check your work orders, reservations. You will soon see which side your boss stands on. He probably lost his shirt in the stock market. Remind him.

People who charge company-destroying salaries for doing a bad job should be charged ego-deflating charges for doing a good job. By all means show these incompetents how to do a good job – with proportionate compensation. What if these fine individuals had to fix their own plumbing, stain their own deck or service their own car?

Aspen to Parachute, we are united in service jobs, government jobs (check some of those salaries) and small business (service). We have gotten it together to cheer for each other’s fine athletes (… hey …) and contribute to the funds of sick kids, friends etc. Let’s try to be aware on a basis that lets the rich coming to our valley after retiring (robbing the trust) that we are not rubes. We’ve been trying to mind our own business. Suddenly our business is the business of the unscrupulous super-rich. They could find someplace else more inviting. We don’t need their money (yeah, right) and we don’t need no stinking badges. Hey, who else is going to make them pay?

And by all means do a good job or we will have to take up a valleywide collection for a lawyer. GREED – soon to be declared a religion or creed, not to be discriminated against.

Enjoy the thought,

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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