Making sweet music together |

Making sweet music together

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CARBONDALE, Colorado As musicians Jan Garrett and JD Martin see it, the way they met was a set-up by the universe. Though both were in the music scene in this valley, they never met, and this went on for decades. Jan stayed around the area and had children; JD, on the other hand, moved around, letting his music career take him to Nashville and Los Angeles. Then, in 1995, they randomly saw each other at a party in Aspen. And everything shifted for the both of them. A week later, Jan received a touching letter from JD, already back in L.A. She was so moved, she put his words into the beginning of song. She mailed to him and, for a moment, he freaked out. Then, he wrote the second verse. Their collaborations havent stopped since.These days, the musical, married couple spends most of their career out of town, doing gigs at spiritual centers and such. Tonight and Saturday, theyll be celebrating the release of their newest CD, No Complaints Whatsoever.

Jan: Fate. Capital F.JD: Big dream. I do think it was a big dream, because as a child, I really did dream of being a singer.That led, he said, to a short stint with a record deal in Nashville, but that never really went anywhere.JD: But I think that this dream of being a singer and songwriter was still really active, so when we met, it was like, heres someone I can do that with. And it was so incredibly romantic.Jan: It was so romantic.

JD: The answer is no. Its a concept that we like. The truth is, no complaints is a negative way of saying I am grateful.Jan then told a story about how they got the name of the album from a Zen master who liked to say, I am grateful for everything, and I have no complaints whatsoever.Jan: Rather than focus on the problem and get stuck there, we want to live in the solution.

Jan: Dan Sadowsky (aka KJAXs Pastor Mustard) calls it secular, progressive gospel. There are a lot of different styles, because were coming from such different backgrounds.

Jan: I think, in general, the way these songs feel, and the content, the lyrical content, is all about heart.JD: Its all about connections. Were connected with everything, everyone.Jan: And inclusivity. Everybody has access to that. Its like tapping into the universal, the benevolent universal energy and expressing that for people. Hopefully, people will tune into that, and into themselves, and bring the best of who they are into the world. So, everybody has unique gifts to contribute. And, honestly, as much turmoil thats going on politically and economically, if we all bring our best, were going to be just fine.JD: These songs are to remind us of what is true, even when we forget.

Jan: Often, we get standing ovations. People say, You saved my life. Its the kind of thing where people wake up freaked out in the night, and they think of these songs and they smile.JD: People tell us they listen to these songs every day, that we become part of their daily living. We become a profound part of their life. They feel like what were expressing is what theyre wanting to happen.

Jan: I think music is so much who we are. You dont walk down the street without being coordinated. Its music. Its melody. Its who we are.JD: Even the galaxies, they have frequencies. So its all around us. You cant pull it apart and ask, What would we be without it, because you cant be without it.Jan: We should all be singing and dancing. Its not just for American Idol. Its about harmony and being free and being creative.JD: We find a lot of people at concerts or workshops we do, who say, I was told by my third grade teacher that I couldnt sing, and I havent sung since. And through our workshops, we get to free them from that.

JD: To do what I came here to do.

JD: Yeah, thats what Im doing. Its not like Im done. Theres always more to do, ways to grow.

Jan: Theres a great quote that the chance of a lifetime is to be yourself. And, you know, really for me, I really am so thankful for everything. To get me in the middle of the indescribable creation and to simultaneously be the instrument that can come through that is so beautiful that, for once, Im speechless.

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