Man from Montana drowns at Harvey Gap |

Man from Montana drowns at Harvey Gap

A 25-year-old Montana man drowned at Harvey Gap last Friday as he swam in the swim area of the reservoir. Arik Stellner, of Butte, Mont., had a child on his shoulders as he waded out toward the middle of the lake, when he lost his footing and went under, said deputy Garfield County coroner Fred Glammeyer. Stellner was able to push the child safely back to shore but couldn’t save himself, said Glammeyer. Stellner had likely stepped off a shelf in the reservoir, where the water depth suddenly increases to 10-15 feet, he said. The man wasn’t entrapped but may have swum in a panic toward the bottom thinking it was the top, said Glammeyer, noting the investigation is ongoing. Stellner was under water for 10-15 minutes before he came to the surface. Witnesses attempted CPR at the scene and drove him to the Silt Police Department where they were met by ambulances, but too much time had passed.

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