Marijuana remains a safer alternative to other ‘drugs’ |

Marijuana remains a safer alternative to other ‘drugs’

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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

It’s okay, I understand. Sitting at home, sipping on your wine, reading and watching stories all the time about how this despicable drug marijuana is taking over our state, you’re so upset and scared. Your heart is racing so fast you have to pop some pills to calm yourself down. I’m sure in your perfect little world, you have been told your whole life, that marijuana is an evil uncontrollable substance and one puff will send you down a path of unbelievable mental and physical destruction.

That’s just silly. Yes, “weed” is a drug, a drug like alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and even caffeine, but there are a few things people like you just don’t want to see. Like, of all the drugs I have already listed, weed is less addictive, less harmful, and in most cases safer to ingest then all of them, read into it if you must. Unlike meth and heroin, that you so brilliantly compared weed to, there are no recorded deaths due to marijuana use, and there are many studies to show that marijuana has plenty of positive attributes that you will probably never bother looking into.

You probably would never climb into a car again if you had any idea how many people on the road with you are stoned and driving, yet you wouldn’t be the wiser, while a drunk you may spot as he crashes into your car. I wonder how many liquor stores there are in Rifle, or how many bars are in Aspen? Yeah, stupid question, alcohol never hurt anyone and I would so much more prefer to put up with a loud, sloppy, annoying and aggressive drunk than a relaxed, hungry, functional and laughing pothead….

Once people start to open their eyes a bit, and learn the facts about marijuana, I hope it can be legalized. I mean, look at how well the prohibition era went, and look at how well the war on weed has gone so far. It’s not going anywhere, and really there’s no reason it should. So how about putting some control on it and legalize it, treat it like Alcohol. Once there are safe places to get it from, where you have to be carded to buy from, the need for a black market will be gone, This and a little parenting, yeah parenting, will make it much harder for kids to get their hands on it. When this happens, job opportunities will open all over, the state and national governments will be making loads of money off the taxes instead of it going to drug cartels, and the many, many uses of hemp can be utilized to make all those environmentalists less crabby. Not to mention the addictive personalities who normally would fall prey to alcohol or more harmful drugs that trash their life, but instead would get hooked on weed, a drug that lets you have a functional life.

Unfortunately, unlike you “Law Abiding” citizens whose vices are legal, ours isn’t … So even if we are law abiding citizens in every other aspect of our lives, people like you have made it so we have to break the law to have a vice that doesn’t make you stupid or hurt our bodies, contrary to popular belief. To enjoy the vice of your choice while condemning and demonizing the choice of another is a bit hypocritical.

Derrick Campbell

New Castle

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