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Rifle marijuana question to be City Council topic in 2018

As Rifle looks ahead to 2018, one topic sure to come up is whether the city should allow retail recreational marijuana after asking an advisory question on last September’s ballot.

The question posed asked Rifle voters: “As a non-binding question, should the city of Rifle allow for the five medical marijuana centers currently or in the future operating in the city to be licensed and regulated for the sale of retail and recreational marijuana and marijuana products: yes or no?”

The results came back with 552 voters in favor with 511 against.

While the issue of recreational marijuana had been a discussion at City Council meetings in the past year, the advisory question results will likely need a response from council.

Before the holidays, the council briefly discussed how best to move forward with the marijuana advisory question. With no clear consensus from council, new City Manager Jim Nichols is still developing a timeline for council to approach the topic.

Nichols said he is still very much planning, but he would like to have several workshops on recreational marijuana retail, including some kind of tour of an existing recreational marijuana retailer.

His hope is to provide council with options before the end of April.

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